4 Tips and Tricks for Getting Rid of Yard Waste – 2024 Guide

Having a beautiful back and front yard adds to the property appeal and significantly raises the value in case you decide to put it on the market. On the other hand, behind all the stunning scenery is a lot of hours of hard work of fertilizing, hauling debris, raking leaves, watering plants, etc. The end result is well worth it though, so many homeowners are willing to invest the effort. Once you’re done with taking care of your plants there is a bunch of yard waste left behind which means that only half the work is done. There are a few options on how to get rid of it while still being gentle to the environment.

1. Protective gear

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Before you start make sure that you’re fully equipped with protective clothing, like overalls and long-sleeved shirts, goggles, gloves, and boots. There are sharp objects, like sticks and branches, as well as a million different bacteria hiding in the waste that can seriously harm you. A careful approach is important to get the work done painlessly.

2. Make a plan

The best way to start is by cutting tree branches. Prune the ones that seem to be weak or rotten since they will eventually fall off and might hurt someone. Focus on the ones that are leaning towards the roof of the house and cut them even if they’re perfectly healthy. These branches can cause roof damage and clog up the gutters.

After the trees, move on to the plants on the ground like shrubs and flowers. Make sure you have the necessary tools like garden scissors and prune every sticking branch. Once you’re done with it you can start taking care of your lawn after you pick up the waste from the trees and shrubs. Mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and fertilizing are parts of the regular maintenance of the grass. Working your way from the top will save you a lot of time since you’ll have to pick up the trash only once. Laying down the tarp before you start will make it even easier for you to drag the waste to where you can dispose of it.

Further, check on your garden tools before getting down to work. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, and every other tool you think will be needed, might need some touch-up before putting them in use.

3. Get rid of the clutter

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Rusty pots, seasonal decorations like pumpkins, old hoses, kids’ toys, and other stuff that is unusable anymore, should go to the garbage along with other waste. Backyards can get cluttered fast so make sure that you comb through the yard once in a while, at least twice a year. If you’re not willing to part with some of your old, broken things that you don’t use, pack them up in boxes and put them in storage. Just don’t leave then laying around since it’s not safe and it might damage your lawn.

4. How to dispose of the yard waste

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There are several ways to safely get rid of the trash.

Haul it yourself. Many counties have yard disposal service where you can haul away the rubbish. Some communities have a curb pick up service of leaves, grass, and tree waste. No doubt, this is the cheapest way to do it, but there is a flip side. You’ll need to sort through and pack separately grass, leaves and large sticks and branches which can take at least several hours. Further, if you need to haul it, do you have the pick-up truck or a trailer? How are you going to manage large paper bags, tarps and branches to the disposal site? In case you’re fully equipped, this is the way to go, otherwise consider some of the more convenient options.

Hire a junk removal service. The best way to remove trash from your property is to hire professionals to do it. They are fully equipped with proper vehicles for the job, tarps and they know exactly how to dispose of it safely. Many companies offer different plans, like one-time hauling away, or if you need it regularly, let’s say once a month. Generally, they are willing to consider your needs and work around your schedule, so feel free to negotiate the times and prices. Check out some of the best junk hauling companies at trashdb.com, call them up and see which ones are offering plans and services that best fit your needs.

Other options

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Burning the trash. Now, this was the first thing that crossed your mind, right? There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do it. First of all, fires are hard to control, and if you’re not experienced enough the flames can get out of hand quickly. Secondly, it increases pollution that can linger in the air for days. Further, it’s probably against the law in your county, unless you’re living on farmland close to the composting centers. And finally, do you know exactly what’s in that huge paper bag of waste? Are there any rubber, plastic or glass? These materials either can’t burn at all at those temperatures, or they cause major damage to the environment. Don’t play with fire, there are better ways to dispose of trash.

You can choose an organic way of disposal. Here’s how you can help Mother Earth with your trash. As far as leaves, you can just leave them on the ground and mow over them on a “mulch” setting of your mower. This way, they’ll stay down and fertilize the lawn once the springtime comes. No disposal at all, and your yard plants will thank you. What about big tree branches, sticks and other waste from the trees? Environmentalists say that we should bury them into the ground. They will eventually rot away creating a lot of nutrients for tree and shrub roots. Everything else, garden decors like flowers, Christmas wreaths and such still need to be disposed of on a community waste site or by junk removal services. As you can see, there are many options to remove the waste and still be kind to nature.