4 best places to buy property if you want to Grow Tropical Fruit

Gardening and maintaining a grove or orchard has been considered one of the most calming and productive hobbies, especially if you want to make a small side profit too. Many people often get into growing exotic and tropical flowers and fruits just for the challenge of it. There is something amazing about holding a fruit in your hand that is not locally available. It requires meticulous planning and effective strategies.

Growing tropical fruits like bananas, grapes, oranges, lemons, limes, pineapple, grapefruit, dates, and figs are quite common. Some people grow more rare and exotic fruits too! They grow jackfruits, mameys, rambutans, guavas, passion fruits, kumquats, jujubes, pomegranates, and mangoes also! While a detailed study about the plant and plant requirements is enough, also knowing about the requirements of the property you should buy to grow all these are very important. Check this site for attractive options if you are interested in this.

What type of property do you require for this venture?

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Generally, people living in temperate regions want to grow tropical fruits that need a slightly different weather and soil requirement than indigenous plants. This is the challenging part. You can grow these specific plants indoors, by giving them optimal conditions. Some people construct glasshouses to trap more heat to give sufficient temperature and lighting for growth.

Some grow these plants under the light of specific bulbs. This requires a large property area to accommodate anyway and you need to further construct a structure like a glasshouse or a nursery to grow them.

Some people who want to grow tropical fruits in bulk ,purchase large plots of land in areas that actually have mildly tropical weather conditions. They purchase property in the countryside or private estates to grow these. This way the soil, water drainage, and certain farming strategies can be used effectively to grow the plants in bulk. Periodic rainfall is an attractive weather option too as you can ensure frequent watering of the plants, naturally.

Other important aspects are the direction and intensity of sunlight that they get, protection from harsh winters, and soil nutrients. The soil should accommodate all the requirements that the plants need without fertilizers. The demand for organic foods is now high, hence giving the plants the natural conditions that they need is highly recommended.

What are the best places to buy property if you want to grow tropical fruits?

First, it is important to know where the tropics lie. The area we see inside the latitudes between 23°27′ North and 23°27′ South is considered as the tropical region. There are more than 166 countries that lie in the tropical area. These areas are amazing to grow tropical fruits effortlessly.

What kind of properties can you avail of to grow these tropical fruits. Now, generally, you also have to take into account shipping charges and the selling of those fruits. These fruits amount to a lot of profit if you sell them in the temperate zones. Hence, you have to look for properties near the temperate zones, having tropical conditions. Where would you want to look? Near the coasts, islands, and forests of course!

1)  Islands

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Now, there are so many small islands that have ports that sell attractive properties. Islands generally don’t have temperate conditions. This is because they are surrounded by the sea and places near the sea retain heat and humidity which are ideal conditions for tropical fruits. Bananas, coconuts, and other fruits like pineapples and mangoes grow well in these weather conditions. Hawaii is synonymous with the tropics! While properties in Hawaii are highly expensive, thanks to the tourism there; there are other similar islands you can get cheaper properties in. Islands often have properties that can be a bit expensive, but if you manage to grow fruit and export it, the profits would be way higher.

2)  Coastal Regions

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Areas like Florida, Arizona, and Jamaica can be quite attractive to grow tropical fruits as they have enough rainfall, good soil, and ample sunlight to grow these tropical fruits. Many good properties are available there. In fact, many orchards and groves are grown there with the pure purpose of cultivating tropical fruits. You can look through these options for growing tropical plants and fruits. You would not have to spend much on transportation as these are inland locations. Buying properties here are win-win situations.

3)  South American Regions

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The entire South American region gets amazing tropical conditions and many people purchase property here for cultivation. The prices are less and the labor tends to be abundant here. The fruits can be grown here quite effortlessly as the conditions are perfect and the cost of the property is less. The only problem is the transportation to the northern areas which can be quite heavy, but if the yield is more, you can manage that with the profits you generate.

4)  Other Asian Regions

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There are countries where the tropical fruits just grow indigenously, so they tend to be of very high quality. While large-scale fruit vendors or chains often have properties in these countries for growing tropical fruit, there can be quite some import-export issues and you might have more legal formalities to follow. If you are already familiar with all these, then buying property here should not pose a huge problem.


The above-mentioned properties are the best options to buy if you want to grow tropical fruits. Tropical fruits are always in demand, thanks to the nutritional benefits they offer. Especially now, during the pandemic, there is a requirement to keep your immunity high and doctors advise the intake of a lot of fruits. Tropical fruits have a lot of antioxidants and vitamins. Hence, the market demand for this is very high.

Investing in property to cultivate this can give immensely attractive returns. The property you choose to grow it in is very important as it should be economical, profitable and should have all the necessary weather conditions to supplement the growth of such plants. Hence, here was a small list to help you get started. With proper research and business skills, growing tropical fruit can be both enjoyable and profitable for you.