GrowSpan has introduced a new growing structure, the GrowSpan Roll-Up Low Pro Tunnel. This tunnel utilizes a design that allows the cover to easily retract into the peak of the roof.

Growers have the option of covering the tunnel with 6 mils clear greenhouse film or a 6 oz. black/silver cover, which provides light deprivation to control flowering cycles. These durable covers create an economic solution for protecting delicate plants and extending the growing season, all while providing the ability to naturally ventilate the structure in a matter of seconds.

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The manual, roll-up mechanism can be easily operated by one person and allows for both sides to be rolled up or either side to be rolled up while the other remains down. This feature allows growers to block out damaging sunlight or wind without eliminating natural ventilation.

The Roll-Up Low Pro Tunnels are offered in 26 feet and 30 feet wide, and they come in lengths of 24 feet, 36 feet and 48 feet long. Structures stand 5 feet tall at the peak and 32 inches at the sidewalls. End panels are included with each tunnel and feature a zippered center that allows carts, wagons and other equipment to be brought in.

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The GrowSpan Roll-Up Low Pro Tunnel is built to last and can withstand even the harshest environments. The ultra-strong steel frame is constructed of 14-gauge, USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing, ensuring a long life. Each structure also includes heavy-duty ground posts, allowing for easy installation on any surface.