Here is a List of 5 Best Chipper Shredders in 2024

Anyone who has a garden knows how important it is to keep it clean and neat at all times. During the fall season, which is rapidly approaching, you will have to deal with thousands of leaves from the trees on your property, as well as those from your neighbors. Falling leaves can look magical during fall, but they can also ruin the aesthetics of your home. That is why you need a chipper shredder to help you. However, there are many models out there. To help you choose, the following is a list of the best chipper shredder models available in 2024.



The first one we have for you is a highly durable machine. It is very easy to use and it will rid you of all the garden debris with high efficiency. It can take care of branches of up to 3 inches in diameter, so it is also quite versatile. A gas-powered Briggs and Stratton 6.5 horsepower engine powers this tool. In addition, it puts out 9.50 pound-feet of power.

When it comes to using it, there is a self-feeding chute designed to cope with long branches. Simply load the twigs directly into the machine. You do not need to prep or prune them. On the bottom, there are pneumatic wheels for easy maneuverability and quick cleanup work in whichever part of the property you want it.

This is a very durable model, and thanks to the rugged build, it can handle the most tedious and prolonged of jobs. Maintenance is also simple, and you can access the chipper blades freely.



If you want ultimate power from your chipper shredder, this is the right option for you. This is one of the most powerful solutions out there, and you will be able to get your yard in order in no time. At its heart is an 11 horsepower commercial duty engine, which runs on gas. The material used is heavy gauge steel, and it has a hardened chromium steel blade and sixteen hammers.

The machine is easy to operate, as it has a two-way side chute self-feeder, as well as a top funnel catering that accepts leaves and twigs of up to 4×3 inches in diameter. This is a belt-driven shredder that also has a centrifugal clutch that protects the engine. The tow bar also comes with it and makes it very easy to move around.

Once it has shredded your debris, you will be left with quarter-inch mulch that is great for feeding your garden. It turns around 12 bags of garden waste into a single bag of mulch and chips.

3. PowerSmart PS10


If you are looking for a quality model while on a budget, here is the perfect solution for you. This inexpensive shredder is one of the best on the market in its class, perfect for a homeowner who requires small and medium cleanups every once in a while.

This electrically powered chipper shredder has a 120V, 60Hz, 15-amp motor. It gives the machine a working speed of 4500rpm. It is easy to use and set up. Also, it is safe, since it features a safety hopper locking knob that prevents the motor from working when loose or open. The quality 6 –inch wheels make it moveable and maneuverable, while the total weight is 33 pounds. This compact shredder is 37 inches tall and can hold twigs of up to one and a half inches.

Owners of small to medium gardens who do not require heavy-duty sessions will benefit the most from this chipper shredder. It will keep everything neat and tidy. Last but not least, it is noticeably quieter than the gas counterparts. Turn your debris into a bunch of useful mulch quickly and efficiently, and never again experience a leaf-filled yard!

4. Tazz 18493 K32


The fourth entry on our list is another powerful gas-powered chipper shredder. This model is amazing for medium to large properties that require constant cleanups during fall and winter seasons. A very strong 4 cycle, single-cylinder 212cc Viper engine powers this beast of a machine. It requires gas in order to operate, and the tank holds 0.74 gallons.

Thanks to the powerful engine, this shredder offers 20% more suction power when compared to the other chipper shredders in the class. It easily chips and shreds twigs and branches that are 3” wide and copes well with any other garden debris. There is a dock-and-lock bag connector, which makes it easy to attach or detach the bag. It has a zipper that makes disposals easy.

Made from steel, this chipper shredder is a sturdy and compact machine with strong and durable blades. The 11-inches wheels and a kickstand offer great maneuverability and balance, while rubber mesh straps and baffles prevent debris from coming out of the chamber. It stands at 34”, and will not take up much space from in your storage. This model is rated as one of the best homeowner chipper shredders. With such great features, owners of medium to large properties should look no further is they need a new chipper shredder.

5. Sun Joe CJ602E


The last entry on our list of the best chipper shredders in 2024 is an extremely popular and highly rated model among the customers. Both powerful and durable, you also get a 2-year warranty with each purchase. A 15amp motor that works at 4300rmp powers this electric chipper shredder. It operates with great precision and strength while offering excellent safety. Thanks to a locking knob, the engine never operates when the shredder is open.

When it comes to debris, it handles everything, including twigs and debris of up to 1.5” in diameter. This home maintenance tool is very simple to assemble, use, and maintain. It is made from a strong and sturdy material, which makes it perfect for occasional prolonged use. It is also light, and therefore easy to carry and move around.

This model is one of the best electric wood chipper shredders out there, best suited for smaller gardens to medium yards. Thanks to its well-balanced features, performance, and safety, you will not regret making a purchase!