Hillock Green: The Perfect Place to Raise a Family

The decision to choose the ideal place for a family to grow is one that has great significance. Hillock Green is an upcoming condominium located in Lentor Green. It’s a haven of convenience, comfort and community.

Hillock Green, with its family-centric features, strategic location and commitment to creating a healthy environment, is the perfect abode for parents who want to give their children the best possible education.

7 Reasons Why Hillock Green is the Perfect Family Haven

Family-Centric Amenities

Family-Centric Amenities in Hillock Green
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Hillock Green has a number of family-friendly amenities, including a play area for children, a pool for the whole family to enjoy, and a multipurpose room for social interaction. These amenities promote family time and encourage quality time together.

Proximity to Reputed Schools

Hillock Green is located near schools that are renowned for their quality education. Parents can be assured that the educational journey of their children is well supported.

Safe and Secure Environment

Hillock Green places a high priority on ensuring a safe and secure environment for families. Secure access points and surveillance are included in the development to provide a safe environment where families can thrive.

Green Spaces in Abundance

Green Spaces in Abundance
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The many green spaces found within and around Hillock Green offer children a natural playground that they can explore and enjoy. These green spaces provide a welcome respite from the urban environment and encourage outdoor activity.

Thoughtful Family Planning

Hillock Green offers a variety of configurations that are suitable for families of any size. The development offers a variety of layouts for families, from cozy one-bedrooms to large four-bedrooms.

Family-Friendly Neighborhood

The Lentor Green neighborhood is a residential area with many amenities for families. Hillock Green is a family-friendly area that adds to its appeal as a family haven.

Convenient Commute and Connectivity

Hillock Green Commute and Connectivity
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Hillock Green is located near major public transportation hubs, making it easy to commute and go on family trips. Connectivity makes it easier to access and explore the city.


Hillock Green is more than a new development. It’s the promise of a better family life. Hillock Green is the ideal place to raise your family. Its family-centric amenities and proximity to prestigious schools make it a great choice.

This condominium is ready to provide families with a peaceful and satisfying living experience, whether it’s because of its abundance of green space, family-friendly features, or the convenience in the neighborhood.


What schools are nearby that I can send my child to?

Absolutely. Hillock Green is strategically located near prestigious educational institutions. Families have access to quality educational options within a short distance, from primary schools such as Anderson Primary School to CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School or Presbyterian High School.

What amenities are available for families at Hillock Green?

Hillock Green is serious about family life. The development includes a variety of family-friendly features, such as a playground, a pool to bond with family members, and barbecue pits. These amenities aim to create an environment that fosters family memories.

Is Hillock Green well-connected for family outings and activities?

Absolutely. Hillock Green is strategically located to be close to entertainment, shopping malls and parks. Families are able to easily access hubs such as Ang Mo Kio Hub and Thomson Plaza for shopping, leisure, and family dining.