Home Upgrades That Increase Your Property Value

A homeowner wants a residence that meets their needs in every way. In most cases, this home is impossible to find unless they choose to build from the ground up. As a result, they make a list of projects they want to complete and bring their home closer to ideal.

These projects must be prioritized. When a homeowner considers which to tackle first, they often question which projects will increase the property value. According to experts, the following projects are always a wise move.

Outdoor Kitchens

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Outdoor kitchens have increased in popularity in recent years. In fact, the NAR states the average homeowner pays $14,000 for this home improvement but recoups $10,000 when the home sells.

Experts recommend keeping this project simple. Install an inset grill or stationary unit from rtaoutdoorliving.com, a sink, and 60 square feet of countertop. This is enough for a basic kitchen. However, some homeowners choose to go a little further and install an ice chest and stainless steel drawers.

This addition can be as plain or as fancy as the homeowner desires. Due to the popularity of these kitchens, consumers have more options than ever before.

Bathroom Renovations

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As with kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations come with a high return when the home sells. Buyers want a bathroom that is stylish and modern. Update the plumbing and address any problems in the room. Doing so ensures the room is attractive to those interested in purchasing the home.

Upgrade the Garage Door

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Many homeowners don’t see upgrading a garage door as a home improvement project. They view it as a change they wish to make. However, making this update could improve the value of the home.

Garage door manufacturers continue to improve their products. What was new ten years ago may not be outdated. If the garage door faces the street, this is one investment every homeowner should consider.

According to Family Christian Doors, choose doors that match the windows of the home or ones with a textured finish. Unique hardware and distinct layouts are two additional selling points.  A homeowner might find they spend a few thousand dollars on this project, but they will recoup up to 93 percent of their investment when the time comes to sell the home.

Install a Patio

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The global pandemic led to people spending more time at home. Much of this time was spent outdoors, as people found they had more time to relax and enjoy life. Installing a patio provides them with more room to do so today.

This patio is a place where family members can relax and recharge after a hard day. It also provides room to entertain guests, and potential buyers love to see a patio on a property. They can envision themselves engaging in similar activities with family and friends

Decorate this patio with furniture, outdoor throw rugs, and more. Make the patio feel like an extension of the home’s interior, and people will want to gather here regularly.

Remodel the Kitchen

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While the patio may serve as an outdoor gathering place for family and friends, the kitchen fulfills this purpose when it comes to the interior of the home. This remodeling project can be big or small, depending on the needs of the owner.

Some people choose to spend their money to install a new backsplash or update the light fixtures. Adding more storage space is always a good idea, and the owner may wish to incorporate an island into the overall plan.

Major remodeling projects involve more work. The owner might choose to replace the cabinets in the kitchen or put down a new floor. Many projects of this type involve upgrading the major appliances in this room.

Regardless of whether a person chooses to make minor changes to this room or major ones, they can expect to recoup at least 50 percent of the money they spend when the home sells. In some cases, they recoup significantly more.

Invest in Paint

The easiest way to change the look of any room in the home is to paint it. Paint doesn’t cost much, but it can transform a room in a matter of hours. In fact, a new coat of paint throughout the entire room can increase its value by as much as five percent. This is significant, as home prices remain high today.

However, spend time learning how to paint a room properly. If this time is not available, consider paying professionals to do the work. A poor paint job serves as a distraction, so this is one task the homeowners need to ensure is done right.

Plant Trees

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People often don’t think of planting trees when they bring to mind home improvement projects. However, potential buyers love to see mature trees in a yard. Fortunately, a homeowner also receives benefits when they plant trees, so this is one project every homeowner should tackle regardless of how long they plan to stay in a home.

In fact, a person will typically find they recoup the cost of planting these trees when the home sells. While they live in the residence, they also see benefits in the form of lower energy bills. They have more privacy, and trees prevent the soil from washing away.

Install New Windows

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Depending on the size of the home, replacing the windows could be a major project. However, it is one that pays off when the time comes to sell the home. A homeowner could recoup 90 percent of the cost of the new windows when they sell.

While the homeowner remains in the home, they benefit as well. Their energy bills decline when new windows are installed, and they remain comfortable in the house. In addition, they may also receive a tax deduction for upgrading to energy-efficient windows.

Consider the local market when choosing which upgrades to prioritize. What works in one area of the country might not be appropriate in another. Small changes do make a key difference in the appearance of the home, both indoors and out. Keep this in mind and make changes when the budget allows. Before a person knows it, they will have a home that others envy and want to call their own.