How to Attract More Animals to Your Farm – 2024 Guide

Having a farm is truly one of the most amazing things. It is basically like your own piece of paradise and you get to decorate it and customize it just like you want it to be. Being surrounded by a constant life cycle and seeing how new plants and animals are born and growing is a feeling that cannot be described with words.

If you happen to have a farm and you are looking to attract more animals and wildlife to it, we want to help you out with a few tips. Let’s take a look.

More animals to your farm

When it comes to attracting wildlife to your property, you first need to make up your mind on what sort of animals you want to attract. If its birds, you need to make a setup that will be very attractive to birds. If its deer, different things will be required, and so on and so on.

attract more animals to your farm

Today, we are going to be focusing a bit more on deer, as they are pretty amazing animals that are really fun to watch, photograph or even play with them if you get lucky enough to present yourself as someone who’s not a threat to them.

Understanding deer and their needs

Deer are nocturnal herbivores, and this basically means that they are very active during the nighttime and that’s when they are wandering around looking for food to eat. Due to their nature and role, they play in the food chain like prey, deer usually avoid being in one location for a longer period of time. Their senses tell them that a potential danger might be lurking somewhere and if they stay in one place they are basically exposing themselves to get eaten by some larger predator.

According to the expert crew from deer will quickly feed on a certain food that is available in the area, and then quickly move to another place as fast as they possibly can. So, the best way to attract them is to provide some free food in an area that’s near their current location, and in the exact time when they are going out to eat. Just like we mentioned earlier, deer are nocturnal animals, so you will most likely have to be doing everything during the night time.

attract more animals to your farm 3

In order to attract deer to your farm, you’ll need to be setting up some deer feeding kits around your area. Then you simply need to sit in a safe location that’s not too close to the food that you’re trying to serve them, and simply observe. If you are lucky enough, deer will come and start eating your food. And if you don’t show them any “red flags” that they might see as a potential threat, this can become a pretty regular routine for them, and you might be making some new deer friends in the future.

Feel free to take photos or simply observe them without making too much noise because they easily get scared. If you are really keen on taking photos, be careful because the flash from your camera might scare them away.