Joe Aiello of Uesugi Farms Receives Award, Gastec Detector Tube System: This Week’s Industry News

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Joe Aiello of Uesugi Farms to Receive Leadership Excellence Award
Joe Aiello of Uesugi Farms has received the 2016 Morgan Hill Leadership Excellence Award. This award recognizes vision and leadership, courage and insight and inspires others to lead in a like manner. Awardees are selected by a blue-ribbon panel of community leaders that includes all former recipients.

Gastec Detector Tube System
has announced a line of Gastec pumps and detector tubes that measure airborne levels of fumigants that can be used for gas detection, leak detection and measurement related to airborne fumigant concentrations. The Gastec GV100X and Detector Tubes allow users to measure up to 11 types of fumigant gases.