Larson Vs Andersen Storm Doors: Which One To Pick?

Building a home is a dream for many of us and this dream coming true is a blessing that requires consistent hard work. However, the construction of the home requires a lot of patience along with proper planning. While planning out the architecture of your home, you must focus on the materials to use as it is very crucial.

So, coming to the entry of the house, Larson Vs Andersen Storm Doors: which one to pick? The question seems a tricky one, Right? Nothing to worry about as after reading this, you will surely be able to figure out which one of the two you want for your dream mansion. What’s the delay, follow and dive deep into the two options and get you the answer.

Larson Storm Doors:


Larson is one of the leading manufacturers of doors. It offers best selling storm doors.

Larson also customizes the doors according to your needs. They measure the door dimensions for you and even install them making it all convenient and time-saving for you. All you have to do is register with the company and make the right choice of the door you want.

The different types of storm doors offered by Larson are:

1. Retractable Screen Away:

Screen away storm doors are one of the most preferred choices of the people because of the beautiful view and appearance. You can go for this door if you are nature friendly and love to see a view outside your house. Also, you can choose the design of the doors from these options: platinum, full view, high view or low view.

Some of the features of screen away storm doors are:

  • It offers great protection to your home and is also long-lasting making it an idle choice.
  • The aluminum frame is maintenance-free and gives a tight seal and keeps the weather out or in depending on your choice.
  • This door offers good ventilation and even protects you from pests and insects.
  • It gives you the decorative look as well as the protective one.
  • There is a wide variety of stylish handles available for this door.
  • This is designed keeping in mind the kids and even pets in case you have one.

2. Full Glass:

Larson also provides us with classy full glass doors. This one is economically feasible and affordable. This door gives you a full view outside and is one of the best options available.

Some of the features of full glass storm doors are:

  • A lot of daylight can enter your house.
  • Protective yet beautiful is an astonishing feature of this door.
  • Seasonal ventilation is provided by this door.
  • It has a thick frame and a heavy-duty weatherstrip.
  • This door provides good security.

3. Pet Friendly:

Good news for all the pet lovers. Larson also has pet-friendly storm doors. So, this one is the choice for all the people who love their pets and enjoy having them inside their place.

Some of the features of Pet-friendly doors are:

  • This door has a pet entry point making it easy for them to enter without any disturbance.
  • It has easy outdoor access.
  • The pet has independence because of the entry point.
  • No more scratching will be there on your door.
  • You can customize the size of the door according to your pet.

4. Venting:

Venting storm doors are another irresistible offer by Larson. These doors are strong and give maximum resistance to tough weather. So, if you live in a place with extreme weather conditions, this one’s for you.

Some of the features of venting doors are:

  • It will protect your home from extreme rain, sun and wind.
  • This door allows maximum air movement.
  • It has magnetic weatherstrips.

These are some of the doors offered by Larson. They also have security doors that give high security to your house along with speciality doors like patio storm doors, french doors and sidelight storm panels. They also provide the handles and additional door accessories. You can decide from these options according to your preference.

Andersen Storm Doors:


Andersen believes in quality and provides the best quality doors. They test their products several times before bringing them into the market. You can choose your doors according to the material or from their several series. They also provide customization. Andersen has a good variety of storm doors to showcase.

Here are some of the type of storm doors provided by Andersen:

1. Full View Interchangeable Storm Doors:

Full view interchangeable storm doors are best sellers from Andersen. These doors are available in 10 series, 8 series and 6 series of the company. This door gives you the full view and gives an elegant look to your home. Also, it allows maximum light to enter your house.

Some of the features of full view interchangeable storm doors are:

  • The new smooth control system offered by Andersen is available.
  • It has the thickest aluminum reinforced corners.
  • It also has double layer weather stripping which prevents the air.
  • A convenient open feature is present that keeps you free while the door is open as you are not required to hold the door.
  • It also has a quick-change system provided by the company.

2. Full View Retractable Storm Doors:

Full view retractable storm doors are another option available. This door allows proper ventilation with good daylight.

Some of the features of full view retractable storm doors are:

  • It has a convenient one-hand retractable insect screen.
  • It also has the thickest aluminum corners.
  • Hold open feature is also present in this door.
  • It also comes in 10 series, 8 series and 6 series of the company.
  • It has a built-in key deadbolt lock system.

3. ¾ and ½ Light Panel Ventilating Storm Doors:

Light Panel ventilating storm doors enhance the classic look of your house. You can customize the size of the light panel from ¾ or ½. The size of the light panel will determine the amount of light that will enter your house. These storm doors are ideal for medium light and good ventilation.

Some of the features of ¾ and ½ light panel storm doors are:

  • It has a solid lower embossed panel.
  • It has a one-hand retractable insect screen.
  • A deadbolt lock is also available.
  • Single-layer weatherstripping is present on the top, bottom and sides.
  • This door is easy to clean and has good strength and durability.

4. Luminaire Retractable Insect Screen Door:

A luminaire retractable insect screen door provides excellent ventilation along with insect protection. These doors are perfect for single and double hinged door openings.

Some of the features of the Luminaire retractable insect screen door are:

  • Brings natural light and ventilation depending on your choice.
  • A hidden slide away insect system is present in this door.
  • It is installed in 3 easy steps.
  • It is smooth and easy to operate.

These were some of the doors which you can choose from the Andersen company. They also provide additional accessories and aim to fulfill all your criterias and demands.

Buyers Guide:


Before selecting the right door for your home, make sure to go through all the features and check whether it is matching all your criteria. Here’s a list of criteria you must consider before placing your door order:

Durability: The long-lasting doors are the first go for most of us. So, looking at durability is a must to ensure that your purchase is worth it.

Material: The door material should be good and of your choice. Take a dig at the material used for making the door.

Size: Do measure the pathway and the door, so that you get the right fit for your place.

Ventilation: Ventilation is very important as it brings positivity along with freshness. So, make sure that the door you have selected fulfills the ventilation criteria.


So, the question, Larson Vs Andersen door: which one to pick? It is completely your choice and after going through all the features and the options provided by the companies, you can easily make the right choice for your home. Now, you can go and place the order for the perfect door.