How To Make Your Own Homemade Vape Juice – 2024 Guide

If you have been a consumer for a while now, the idea must have crossed your mind – how to make your own homemade vape juice? It is not an easy task, but it can be done if you know what you are doing. We are here to help you do it all on your own. As we said, this is a demanding task, and you need to be well equipped to execute it flawlessly. Because of this, we’ll start with the equipment necessary to make your own vape juice.


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If the tools aren’t right, the product isn’t going to be good. This is something that’s known for ages, and it still stands today. This is why we are first going to talk about everything you are going to need to reach the final goal. The following things are those you are going to need:

  • Containers / Bottles – Plastic bottles are ideal. You need to pick those that have a childproof cap, just in case. In these containers, you are going to store your mixture, thus why a need for them exists.
  • Syringes – If you want your recipe to work and turns out the way it should be, you’ll need to have perfect measurements. By using syringes, you can achieve this. Be sure to have more of them and to use separate ones for different ingredients, which is something that can guarantee you the final flavor.
  • Gloves – Yes, you are going to be a sort of scientist for a while, and gloves are a must-have. Joking aside, you’ll need them, especially if you work with smelly substances. Some of them can get on your hands and leave a lasting trail or smell, and you can avoid this by using gloves.

Once you are adequately equipped, the time is to move to the next step – the recipe.

Choose a Recipe

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This one shouldn’t be as hard. You already have favorite tastes if you consume regularly. All that is left is to choose the concentrates you want to mix. If this is the first time you are doing this, be sure to go with a simple mixture. Many websites offer help in this regard by providing recipes and equipment for vaping. One of them can be seen if you click here. Once you are settled on the flavor you want to get; the experiment can begin. But, you should know the basics, as sole mixing won’t bring you anywhere. The first step is to choose the base.

VG/PG Base – You need PG and VG to create the base for your juice. This usually is how things are started. The first one won’t affect the end flavor, while the latter serves as a sweetness enhancer. It is because of this that you need to have a good measure when adding the VG. PG, on the other hand, adds to the thickness of the product, so you can use to create a juice that would generate more or fewer clouds.

Diluted Nicotine – This decision lies solely on you. You can use little nicotine, a more significant dose, or you can go entirely without it. It all comes down to your preference and the recipe you are going to use. All in all, you mustn’t forget that nicotine is addictive, so have your health in mind when you decide on a recipe. If you are already a fan of nicotine, then we would recommend to at least go for the quality staff. You’ll do yourself a favor. Anyway, the first time you’re making a mixture go with a smaller dosage and increase it with every time you make a new quantity. It’s never good to go overboard from the start.

Flavoring – Like most things we spoke about, this part also comes down to the recipe you’re going to follow. The flavor is no different from nicotine, and it should be added in small dosages. The first time you pour it, make sure that it’s the amount that won’t destroy the juice. Once you remember the first dosage, you can easily add more later without having to get rid of the fluid that has too much flavor, to begin with. With experience and time, you’ll know exactly how much to pour with every next mixture. If you need any help, you can always visit

Additives – When it comes to vape juice, it’s all about the taste you cherish. Additives can help to create a new taste you’ll love after a successful experiment or to recreate a flavor you already tasted before. In the end, you can avoid additives completely as they’re not an essential part of any vape juice. Additives come in various shapes – you can add alcohol such as vodka, or only distilled water, or go with sweets. Whatever you chose, being moderate remains the most critical point. Experiment with additives can quickly go wrong.

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The recipe is at its boiling point once you have everything in place; all that is left is to cook it. All ingredients you have prepared should be put into a bottle and mixed and shaken. Once this is taken care of, your juice is almost ready to be consumed. We say almost, as there’s one final step left.


To ensure that the entire mixture is blended well, you need to leave it to steep for a while. It’s the steeping process that will give it its final flavor, and luckily it will be the one you desired. You can find out more if you visit this website. This process takes time, but you need to give it a rest. It will be weeks in some cases that the final product needs to lay low before it’s consumed. This is what complicated mixtures require. Sometimes when you go with simple fruit tastes, they don’t need steeping at all. While this might seem like something you won’t get from the go, it’s not like that. Most recipes come with calculated steeping time, so it all comes down to patience.

If you followed the steps carefully and had it rest as long as it takes, all that is left is to consume it and enjoy it. This is what we fish for you, a good brewing and a lot of enjoyment vaping your homemade juice.