The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) will host a series of marketing webinars on four consecutive Wednesdays beginning February 11, 2016. These webinars are free; however, registration is required and is available here.

The webinar series is designed so that each webinar may be taken separately or in succession. Notes, exercises and additional resources used during each webinar will be made available to participants and the sessions will be recorded. A 30-minute Q&A period will be included to allow participants to ask questions, resulting in an engaging interactive learning experience.

The full marketing webinar schedule:

  • Agricultural Marketing 101: Presenter Brian Moyer, Penn State Extension.
    • This webinar will cover marketing fundamentals with a focus on how they relate specifically to agriculture. Participants will be given an overview of product placement, pricing, customer analysis, marketing strategies, and market channel assessment.
  • Finding New Markets:  Wholesale, Cooperatives and Beyond: Presenter Brian Moyer, Penn State Extension & Peggy Fogarty, Keystone Development Center
    • Join us to explore the viability and path to expanding your enterprise into larger markets. An overview of the risks, regulations, and groundwork to begin selling to wholesalers, large institutions and cooperatives will be discussed…
  • Direct Sales Marketing: Expanding the Current & Finding the New: Presenters Jennifer Brodsky & Rebecca Frimmer, Kitchen Table Consultants.
    • A look into the management and expansion of current direct sales customers and evaluating new opportunities. A basic overview of a variety of direct sales models and the skills needed to make each successful will be provided.
  • Using the Internet to Drive Farm Sales:  Presenter Simon Huntley, Small Farm Central.
    • This webinar will provide an overview of the importance, trends, potential, and strategies associated with farm Internet marketing. Participants will come out of the webinar with a framework to develop and distribute content across a variety of platforms.

These webinars are part of a series of programs aimed at providing training for and promotion of Pennsylvania’s specialty crop growers and is supported by funds via a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  The two-hour webinars will occur for four Wednesdays in a row starting on February 11, 2016, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.