Smart Gardening – A New Way To Indulge In Gardening

Automation is going to be in and out of the house and in all wakes of human life. This includes the automation of gardens and gardening needs. This also includes the use of tech and the internet of things to control the equipment and such items. The internet is another important matter in this and having good Wi-Fi to keep the IoT items connected at all times to keep it running.

Mediacom Wi-Fi is one such brand with affordable connection for you to keep all your gadgets connected and that includes all home appliances i.e. garden tools and smart garden equipment and tools.

However, before moving ahead you need to question why a smart garden will help you.

Ask Yourself:


Is time-saving important for you?

Do you want to invest in making your garden more hospitable?

Are you an environmentalist that loves saving water and energy?

Do you want to reduce bills?

However, you need to think about the communication protocols too, the best option is Wi-Fi because you are always connected to it. Bluetooth may drop or not connect due to space and other wiring issues or in between building cut-offs for signals.

Read ahead and learn about the 5 essentials for smart gardens but before that know how a smart garden will help you and ease your life:

  • Help you get key metrics about your garden space.
  • To create efficiency in your garden space.
  • It saves time by a long mile.
  • It will help you keep your costs low.
  • Long-term investment and low maintenance.
  • Makes gardening fun and easy.

5 Essentials For Smart Gardens

There is no perfect detailed guide but this here will compile some of the essentials that would give you the get-go.

1. Smart Sprinkling


Watering the garden can be fun at times but not always or at times, you are not at home. This is where smart sprinklers help. You can set the times for sprinkling and the quantity to release the water and there you go, your smart system is up and you are one step away from all the hassle. This can save up to 8000 gallons of water and data mining with soil sensors can help you determine when your garden needs water and when not to water it.

2. Weather & Temperature Controllers


These may also be called weather sensors and help you learn and collect data about your garden and its needs. By getting a smart monitoring system for you, you will be able to manage the water, temperature, and health of the soil and keep your plants growing and fresh. Netatmo’s ecosystem is one way to go about it and you can even link this with your smartphone. You can even get Alexa integration to control other things like humidity, weather report, and pressure.

3. Sensors

Another way to have a smart garden is having smart sensors in it, for anything like the soil getting too dried, or too much humidity, the soil isn’t fertilized, and many other such issues which can all go away with sensors that detect humidity, soil health, temperature, and monitors to help with keeping the whole garden in check.

4. Robot Usage


Mowing the lawn isn’t fun and tedious –robots are your answer. You can use robots for everything but yes this bit is an expensive way to keep everything at bay. However, this saves a lot of time and you can do much more for the environment in this way. Lawnbott by Robomo is one way to mow your lawn comfortably and can mow about 25000 square feet and you won’t have to lift a finger even. You can schedule it and also increase or decrease speed and no worries about the rain, the mower will go on standby as it senses the weather conditions and moves back to base.

5. Outdoor Lighting


This makes a big impact. The driveway and patio with another lighting amidst the garden plans and walls make a big impression. They also make the get-together and “me times” more fun and relaxing. You can go big with security lights for intruders and such while making your life easy with a good investment in making your home feel warm and inviting for your guests. You can have sensors to save light during daylight hours and even during early mornings.

What Else Can You Invest In

You can also add outdoor entertainment with BBQ stations and furniture. Some key interior ideas are to keep it simple yet unique. Play with colors and shades to create a warm inviting feel to your garden space, even if its small. You can also add in sound systems for the parties and some mellow or instrumentals for tea parties.

It is all up to your creative imagination and making your garden space much more about plants, water, and soil. A garden must be inviting, fresh, and invigorating for the soul. Keep a yoga mat or your handy weights to get your exercise sessions in, or like us read books in that one corner blooming in full. This is more than just a garden space but it should help you and you guests feel alive and refreshed too.

You would also need to install Wi-Fi boosters that will help you add juice to the connections in your garden, may those be tools and equipment or for the guest when hosting a party.

Last Thoughts

There is no wrong or right when it comes to automation but depends on your ease, need, and, yes! the wallet. The extent is limitless and you do so much more. There is even lighting and décor that you could add up and garden furniture, a pool, pond, and whatnot. What you need to think about is what you want and your garden’s capacity.  There are both small and large spaces, the key to making them inviting is adding in touch of yourself in all the right places. Good Luck!