Smell Proof Baggies ─ A Thoughtful Packaging Option

The consumption of cannabis is an affair that is fairly loud to the senses, especially the olfactory. While the substance itself is legal, welcomed, and used for recreational and medicinal purposes in certain areas, it is always best to be discreet about its utilization. Fortunately, keeping it low-key visually is a breeze. However, the smell will always be attention-grabbing as it is hard to contain. As luck would have it, a packaging innovation that addresses this issue effectively is available for business owners to implement and for consumers to employ.

The invention of smell-proof baggies to considerately keep marijuana safe from other eyes and noses is a business breakthrough. This innovation has made waves in the cannabis industry and revolutionized packaging for the substance. Most of all, it is a thoughtful and essential component of the business that serves multiple purposes. Read on as we elaborate on why.

The Basics

Smell proof baggies, as their name implies, are designed to contain odors within the bag, ensuring that the contents’ scent does not leak out. These baggies are commonly used for various purposes, including storing herbs, spices, and other aromatic substances. Their growing popularity can be attributed to their effectiveness in maintaining discretion and preserving the freshness of the stored items. Here are the fundamental aspects of these specialized storage solutions:

  1. Material: Smell proof baggies are typically made from multi-layered plastic or Mylar. These materials are adept at blocking odors, ensuring the contents remain discreet. Mylar bags, in particular, offer the advantage of being durable and puncture-resistant, making them an excellent choice for long-term storage.
  2. Sealing Mechanism: One of the critical features of smell proof baggies is their sealing capability. Most come equipped with a zip-lock or resealable mechanism, ensuring a tight seal. This lock not only retains the odor within the bag but also aids in keeping external contaminants out, preserving the contents’ integrity.
  3. Opacity: Many smell proof baggies are opaque or offer a dark tint. The design choice is intentional, as it helps protect the contents from light exposure, which can degrade the quality of certain stored items over time.
  4. Versatility: Smell proof baggies come in various sizes, catering to different storage needs. Their lightweight and flexible nature make them ideal for on-the-go usage and traveling.
  5. Applications: While they’re popular in the cannabis industry for storing herbs discreetly, their applications extend far beyond. They can be used to store food, keeping strong-smelling items like fish or garlic from permeating everything around them. Similarly, they’re useful for travel, ensuring that toiletries or perfumes don’t overpower the contents of a suitcase.

Protection From Light, Moisture, and Critters

Smell-proof bags, such as custom mylar bags, do not only omit the odor from seeping out of the package but are also effective in keeping its contents free from contaminants by being impenetrable. Moreover, there are numerous factors that can affect the caliber of the substance and alter it negatively.

For example, too much light, oxygen, moisture, and even insects can infiltrate a poorly-packed amount of cannabis and damage it. So, to keep your products fresh and clean, a smell-proof baggie is your best bet. Click here to learn more about the odor-resistant technology that makes the best smell-proof baggies.


Preservation And Shelf Life

In most cases, users don’t consume all their purchased cannabis in one go. Considering this, there should be a packaging option that carefully keeps the product well and preserves it for longer.

In addition, by not allowing the odor to leak, smell-proof bags extend the shelf life of their content since this also means that outside substances can’t get in to spoil the product. As a result, when marijuana is kept in these kinds of well-sealed containers, consumers can store the item and enjoy it whenever they please.

Considerate of Discretion And Non-Users

It is a well-known truth that cannabis is not exactly universally accepted. Most non-users are bothered by the stench, which might even have adverse effects on them. For example, the odor can be triggering to recovering addicts.

Additionally, users might want to keep their consumption discreet and be considerate of those who do not want to encounter the substance. So, the best way to address this is by having an alternative choice of packaging, which is already present in smell-proof bags.

The packaging option serves both parties by keeping the smell away from those who do not wish to come across it and allowing the buyer some privacy. Smell proof bags are an excellent choice for discreetly containing odors and preserving the privacy of both the sender and the recipient.



Smell-proof bags are not only mindful of non-users but are also considerate of the environment. These custom mylar bags are reusable, regardless of how much time has passed since you opened them. With just one thorough wash, buyers can recycle their packages or use the same ones to make their next purchase. This drastically reduces the amount of waste generated and makes disposal methods more environmentally friendly. Also, it allows cannabis companies to be responsible with their operations and packaging options.