12 Tips On How To Start Growing Weed

Medical cannabis is a type of cannabis that can be used to treat some people’s severe pain, nausea, and vomiting due to the side effects of cancer therapy and chemotherapeutic treatment for such conditions as breast cancer, AIDS, and glioblastoma multiforme (inoperable brain tumor).

The therapeutic use of cannabis turns out to be also helpful in relieving pain during childbirth. According to research published in the British Medical Journal on March 23, 2016, there is evidence that cannabis can reduce pain and suffering related to childbirth by improving mood., as well as many other conditions. There are two types of medical cannabis you can use- edibles or oils. If you’re new to growing marijuana, we have a few tips on starting.

1. Get a grow journal

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The grow journal is a place to write down your results and theories on each marijuana plant. It will also help you understand what you’ve done with each plant and what the response has been so far. for the first grow journal, we suggest you purchase this one, but you can also use a blank bound journal.

2 Get a hydroponics kit

You may need more money to buy a complete hydroponics kit, but if you have ever grown herbs before, many starter kits contain everything you need to get started. This one is recommended because it contains everything you need, with a focus on growing cannabis. If you want to buy individual things, purchase some grow cubes (for small plants) and a powerful light suitable for your living environment.

3. Get the best Marijuana seeds

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If you’re living in the USA or Canada, purchasing seeds from a dispensary or from someone legally allowed to grow them for medicinal purposes is best. You will want a seed that is high in TCH (the active ingredient in marijuana) and has a low THCV level. THCV is the part of the plant that doesn’t get you stoned but works as an appetite suppressant.

4. Plant your seeds/seedlings in pots of growing medium with holes (coco-husk, rock wool)

Fill the medium with water and plant the seeds/seedlings in small pots. Cover the male pot plant with a lid since seeds are small and easily lost. Keep moist with an easy-to-use misting system and allow it to grow in the dark for about a week.

5. Plant your seedlings in the hydroponics system, and place them under a light

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When the weed plant grows two sets of leaves, you can plant it in your hydroponics system and turn on the grow light(s). you are now allowed to cultivate medical marijuana, and if your local Government approves you, you may begin using medical marijuana to moderate pain or to increase appetite.

6. Place them under your light regularly with clean water

And since you will not be smoking them, make sure watering during flowering stage regularly. This ensures that the roots stay wet and strong during the dry season. It would be best if you planted your plants in a location that receives at least 11 hours of sunlight.

7. Remove unwanted buds

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When the plant flower starts to wither, gently remove the leaves from the branches and place them in a sealed container for two weeks. These are called the “honey buckets” and are used by producers to slow down growth so that more resin can be expressed from each branch. Keep away from water, animals, and places where they may fall on the floor (which will give people/thieves an opportunity).

8. Give your marijuana plants a few weeks to grow into a large plant

when the baby weed plant grows two sets of leaves, take care of it as best as you can. Feed it with great amounts of nutrients, and water it regularly so that your soil stays moist but not frozen. When the plant grows into a large plant, it will be ready for harvest. Leave it for a week before harvesting to make sure that the buds are dried out. You may harvest the plants as you see fit- by taking off the “honey buckets.”

9. Harvest your medical marijuana

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After the flowering stage has ended, you may begin harvesting your plants. We recommend using a blade or razor to remove all of the buds directly from the branches and place them in sealed containers (to prevent drying). Dry these buds in a dark, cool place until they are crispy and reduced in size by at least 50%. At this point, you may attempt to mix them with oil or edibles to prepare smoked medicine.

10. Sell your medical marijuana

Once the plants have dried completely, you can sell them to dispensaries, put them in jars, and sell them as medicine. You may also take these buds to your local Government. If approved, they are now allowed to be used in the States by qualifying patients.

11. Make your own medical marijuana edibles

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If you are looking to make your own medical marijuana edibles, then we recommend buying this book and following the instructions carefully. While all edibles ultimately vary, the process remains mostly the same. Once you are comfortable making them at home, feel free to share them with family and friends who would benefit from these potent treats.

12. Potency test your cannabis

If you want to measure the potency of your marijuana, we recommend buying a testing kit that will determine the active ingredient of your weed- THC. Before you make edibles or use the product in any way, store the sample in alcohol (to prevent light exposure and to keep it safe). Check back to this blog for more ideas on how to test different levels of marijuana- from low-dose testing kits for medical marijuana to high-dose tests for medical marijuana concentrate.

13. Follow the laws of your country

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Your responsibility is to know the laws in your country and state and consult with government officials to see if marijuana is legal in your state or if you’re allowed to grow it for medicinal purposes. This site has a great directory of Government officials that will help further your cause.

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If you want to start using medical marijuana and experience relief from common ailments, talk to your doctor. You may be eligible for a medical marijuana license if the doctors say your condition is severe. If the laws of your country state that marijuana is legal, then you may find great relief with this product. if the laws state that marijuana is not permitted, then it is your duty to speak to those in power and demand changes. Our mission here is to ensure that people who are in pain or suffering from medical conditions can seek medical marijuana. It is our goal to see a world where medical marijuana is legal and enjoyed by everyone in all countries. We want you to feel better and know that there are many ways to remove pain and suffering without resorting to synthetic opiates.