How to Start a Successful Gardening Blog from Scratch – 2024 Guide

Audrey Hepburn has quoted, that “to believe in tomorrow, is to plant a garden.” These words can be truly related to the one who loves gardening. People who love gardening treat their garden as a canvas and paint nature’s beauty on it.

The captivating smell of flowers, fresh homegrown vegetables, and healthy herbs gives the gardener the essence of bringing life to his own garden. A gardener treats plants like his creations and loves every budding moment in the garden. The garden also provides the gardener with an ideal feeling of peace and rejuvenation.

But to achieve the following you need to get some experience with gardening, not everyone has a green thumb. And there are some blogs like BackyardMash which can provide generous information about all questions you might have. From lawnmower guidelines all to decorative tips for your farmhouse, you can find it all there! Check them out and happy farming to you all!

If you have experienced all the above feelings and love gardening, and further want to share your inventions and creations with the world, then garden blogging is for you. Moreover, when like-minded people come together, they create magic. So, share your garden with everyone and teach them something new to learn.

However, your garden experience can only be a worthy read if you write down correctly. is one platform that can help you with the best quality content. But, as of now, if you are planning to start a gardening blog, we will assist you with some ideas that can help you start a blog and make it attractive.

Choose the right platform

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When you want to start blogging, you need a choose a domain name, hosting platform, and the right name for your blogging site. These three things are very important, and you need to guide yourself properly about these things. There are also options to start a free blog or a paid one.

If you are blogging for the first time, you can opt for the free or the minimal package. You can go through the tutorials that allow you to start a blog.

WordPress is the best choice for bloggers in current times. WordPress has an easy backend, and without purchasing plug-ins, you can create a basic blog. The other platforms also have easy tutorials to get you started.

Once you have sorted this, you need to buy your domain name and a hosting plan. You can choose the cheapest of them for the beginning and then go-ahead as you progress in the blogging world.

Once you have created a blog, you should connect it with all your social media site. This helps to publicize your blogs and connect you with like-minded people.

Post pictures and videos

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Posting real-time pictures of your garden makes your content engaging and attractive. Try posting real pictures as much as possible. We are sure if you are considering garden blogs, you must have had or have a lovely garden.

So, post the pictures of your buds, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and take your blog to the next level. Even your unedited pictures can be posted to educate people where they can go wrong or for you to take suggestions that you do not repeat the mistakes.

Posting videos can be fun tutorials for others. You can even post time-lapse videos to show the blooming of your garden. These creative visualizations of your garden will help people connect better with you.

Write engaging content and know what digital marketing is

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Your content should be active and direct. Just write direct and short sentences. Put information in the blog content that is absolutely necessary. For example, if you are writing about a particular plant, mention the facts that are essential for other gardeners. Do not go into the technicalities and make the content boring.

Educate yourself about digital marketing and write SEO friendly content. This will help you in letting your blog reach your target audience. There are many short courses available for you to educate yourself about these things. So, don’t just write; educate yourself completely about the blogging world.

Know how to earn through blogging

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Blogging can act as your second source of income if you get it right. And let us tell you that just some affiliate marketing, paid posts, and proper promotion can make you a well-earning blogger in no time.

When you start blogging about gardening, you can give access to sites to post relatable ads on your page. They will give you a commission on clicks. This process is better carried by Google AdSense. Then comes affiliate marketing. This helps you earn when you promote products through links in your content.

Promote gardening products on your blogs and receive a commission on people who click on those links. Review gardening products and sponsor products to gain products.

So, study these methods thoroughly and apply them to your blogging. Blogging may be your hobby, but with these methods, blogging will help you earn your extra bucks.

Describe your failures and successes

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Gardening is about hits, trials, and misses. So, describe every experience. You never know what connects with the other gardeners. Plus, when you share your actions, you will receive a ‘n’ number of reviews to brush up your skills.

Always be active in replying to comments and take every comment or review graciously. Being conversational and friendly will help you and your blog to gain popularity. You may receive some top-notch ideas for your garden, which you might think did not even exist!

To conclude,

Gardening and blogging are two beautiful hobbies. When put together, you can create a beautiful world out of them. So, start sharing your ideas and see how both the hobbies, when combined, give out blooming results!