Five Questions with Matt Ondrejko, Vice President, Global Marketing of Valley Irrigation

Matt Ondrejko

Valley Irrigation was started in 1946 by Robert B. Daugherty. Now, the company carries a variety of irrigation products, control technology and irrigation management. Matt Ondrejko is the Vice President, Global Marketing of Valley Irrigation.   Growing: How do you educate growers on the importance of irrigation?   Matt Ondrejko: We educate growers through several different mediums. Firstly, has … Read more

Five Questions with Brent Heckman from Littau Harvester

Littau Harvester

Littau Harvester, based in Stayton, Oregon, has grown from a small regional provider to a national and international industry supplier of crop harvesting machinery and equipment. We asked the company about the importance of having the right harvester and the future of the industry. Brent Heckman   Here’s what Brent Heckman, sales at Littau Harvester, had to say.   Growing: … Read more