Harvesting Equipment: What Do You Need – 2022 Guide

Mechanized harvesting of fruit, nut, and vegetable crops is a reality, but it does come with its drawbacks. The price tag on commercial harvesting machinery can put it out of reach for many growers, particularly those who don’t have enough of one crop to warrant an investment in specialized equipment. “Harvesting is probably the other … Read more

Harvesting Balsam Fir with Future Generations in Mind – 2022 Guide

Scattered throughout Minnesota’s forests is the pristine balsam fir tree. Balsam fir, also known by its more formal Latin name, Abies balsamea, is native to North America. The species has been around for centuries and enjoyed for generations. It is a unique tree that emits a delightful aroma. It grows best in cool, moist soil … Read more

Sweet Smell of Garlic Success

Sweet Smell of Garlic Success

Garlic may not be a major crop for New Jersey farms, but for a few select New Jersey growers, however, garlic growing has led to the formation of a loose cooperative, designed to bring farmers together to share information, equipment, labor and resources and to promote garlic consumption in New Jersey. A Sustainable Agricultural Research … Read more

Stay Safe While Using Harvesting Equipment

Harvesting Equipment

Safety should always be a top priority no matter the type of equipment you’re using on the farm. Many, if not most, incidents are preventable. Here is a quick guide to helping you stay safe and alert while using harvesting equipment. Harvesting Equipment Read about:   Climate Challenge: Organic No-till vs. Conventional No-till 1. Wear Protective Gear … Read more