Teak Furniture 2023 Buying Guide for Your Garden

Well built teak furniture will last you forever and will provide you comfort for as long as you live. It is why people often say that teak furniture will outlive you. This type of furniture is built in a way that it’s meant to be appreciated. The quality of craftsmanship makes teak furniture irreplaceable.

With so many retailers claiming to offer high-quality teak furniture, we’ve compiled this article to serve you as a buying guide to teak furniture, and one that will last a lifetime.

1. Buying Finished or Unfinished?

The number one thing to understand when buying teak furniture is the fact that the best quality teak furniture is made without any type of finish on it. If you’re buying teak furniture that has some kind of finish to it, then the seller is hiding something. That might be manufacturing flaws or bad construction techniques, but no matter what, never buy teak furniture that has had any kind of finish to it. Most of the cases, finished teak furniture is not well suited for your garden, as any kind of weather conditions can cause the furniture to fail.

Teak Furniture Buying Guide for Your Garden
source: teakf.com

2. Keep it Simple

The second piece of advice we can give you is to always buy simple designs. The best teak furniture for your garden should be built from thick, solid pieces of teak. The thicker the material the better the quality. Avoid any type of teak furniture that has fancy pieces that don’t serve a purpose as most outdoor, garden, furniture needs to be sturdy and durable to sustain harsh weather conditions. If you’re looking to buy the best quality teak garden furniture, make sure to give teakcloseouts.com a look.

3. Annual Maintenance

The third advice is not about buying the furniture, but about keeping it in peak condition. Namely, teak furniture requires annual maintenance. This could be anything from a simple cleaning, up to more complex maintenance issues such as re-sealing. The degree of maintenance depends on the use of the furniture, and the amount of exposure to the elements it gets while in your garden.

4. Never Buy Folding Chairs

People buy folding chairs for the purpose of folding them easily and storing them if they are not required. But whenever you’re buying teak chairs, never go for the folding ones as they have moving parts and extra hardware that tends to degrade and loosen though time.

5. Always go For Stackable Chairs

If you’re planning on a saving room in your garden, an excellent substitute for folding teak chairs would be stackable ones. Stackable chairs have no moving parts and they are designed in a way that you can put one above the other and save a lot of space. As a matter of fact, four stackable teak chairs take up less space than four folding ones.

Stackable Chairs
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6. Cushions

We all want to sit in comfort, whether that’s in our gardens or our living room. But whenever you’re buying teak chairs, do understand that any type of cushion sold with them will last only two to three years. Expensive ones should last longer because of the type of material they are built from, but do understand that if you’re looking for cushions to complement your outdoor teak furniture, always go for the ones that have zippers. Zippers allow you to remove the cover of the cushion and wash it easily in a washing machine. This is highly advised as coffee or food stains can be easily removed from the cushion cover.