How To Test Your Water Quality At Home Without A Kit?

If you are shifting to your new house or an office location, the one crucial thing you would be concerned about is the available drinking water. Best-treated water is safe to drink and cook. The purity of the water matters as it is the prime carrier of diseases to the human body. Approximately 60% of the adult human body consists of water.

Water treatment is the best solution to prevent unwanted illnesses caused by contaminated water. Self-conditioning the water quality using the most modern techniques in one’s place is now easy to access. There are many water conditioning services now available in the market. According to the research studies CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), around 7.2 million Americans get sick yearly from waterborne diseases.

Common Waterborne Diseases Found In The US

  • Swimmers’ ear, also known as Otitis, is a bacterial infection from swimming pools. 65% of the population suffers from this waterborne illness.
  • Cryptosporidiosis: The primary symptom of this waterborne disease is watery diarrhea. It generally starts within 2 to 10 days (an average of 7 days) after being infected by the parasite.
  • Cyclosporiasis is also watery diarrhea that affects the small intestine and results in explosive bowel movements.
  • Norovirus infection, or the stomach flu that causes vomiting and diarrhea, is a contagious virus attack caused by consuming contaminated water. It takes ages to recover entirely from this illness. About 19% of the population suffers from Norovirus attacks.

Damages Caused By Hard Water


Certain vulnerable features signify the quality of home water. The density is the primary criterion for ranking the quality of plain fluids used in homes for cooking, cleaning, and drinking purposes.

Hard water consists of numerous unwanted scales that result in vital damage to many expensive home utensils through consistent usage.

  • The low-quality fluid leaves ugly spots and filmy textures on dishes after cleaning.
  • It is undoubtedly hard in texture if the soaps are not lathering correctly.
  • Check whether the tubs and showers are easy to clean or not. The water quality is deficient if they leave the bathroom accessories scummy and full of tough stains.
  • Check your skin quality, and if it turns out to be remarkably dry and squeaky, then it is high time to condition the rate for better results.
  • Notice the thick white crust accumulated around the faucets, drainage, and shower heads, immediately calling for the preferable conditioning techniques.

Home Techniques To Check The Water Quality

1. The Bottle And Liquid Soap Test:


Take a clean and clear transparent bottle with a cap, fill it with water directly from the tap, add a few drops of liquid soap to it, shake vigorously, and observe. If there is a lack of fluffy bubbles simultaneously, the liquid will appear cloudy or milky, which assures the complexity and thus requires quality boosting.

Typically soaps are formulated out of a detergent base, so they lather in any liquid despite their quality. Use soaps like Castiles, dye- and perfume-free, for the best results. Over 85% of households in their days are suffering from the consequences of hard water in their daily lives.

2. Color, Odor & Taste Tests:

This test is a basic one in which you can compare the color, odor, and taste of your drinking water with distilled, which is an unbiased comparison of quality. Consider it low-quality if it has an unusual color, taste, and scent.

3. DIY Quality Test:

Testing the PH level of your pool using a homemade kit is easy and affordable. Only you have to have a bottle of distilled water and red cabbage. Boil the sliced red cabbage in a bowl adding 2 cups of filtered fluid, and set aside for 30 minutes. Remove the cabbage, strain the liquid, and fill it in a clean bottle. Get a sample from the pool and add a few drops of red cabbage juice. If it changes to reddish pink, it’s acidic. But if it turns yellow or greenish-blue, it’s alkaline.

4. Boil & Monitor The Dissolved Solids Test:


Take a clean, dry saucepan and fill it with one cup of water, then boil the lid open. Please wait for the significant portion of the liquid to evaporate, then give it some time to let the pan cool down completely. Run the fingers at the bottom of the pan, and if you get a sticky white residue, please be sure that your home water consists of dissolved solids.

3 Best Solutions To Defend Bad Water Conditions

  • Install water softeners at your home to eliminate complex problems. These softeners enrich your water with minerals like lime, calcium, and magnesium. Homes with these softeners consume less soap and have minor damage to kitchen utensils and other home appliances.
  • Acquire the revolutionary filters now available in the market; say, a sediment trapper filter can do magic in cleaning disfavored particles from your home water. These filters have a unique design element that traps sediments in the lower reservoir of clear cover.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying Systems are one of the top purifying solutions for homemakers that can keep their families healthy and fine. They come with a standard 3.2-gallon storage tank suitable for a household.

There are efficient plumping companies that provide various treatment solutions, with a free testing kit for each approaching customer. They test and discover the hardness level and suggest a better remedy accordingly.

Benefits Of Water Conditioning


The overall health benefits of consuming pure drinking water are commendable. It flushes bodily¬† toxins and rejuvenates the body’s mechanism to a great extent. Reviving a good skin complexion is another advantage of drinking pure and better. Quality water consumption promotes weight loss and helps in digestion. Another essential benefit is saving time and money on plumping and home appliance fixtures. Quality consumption demands less cleaning effort and secures all the expensive household mechanisms.


Water is the essential factor that decides the standard of living of every human being. The quality of consumption becomes the identity of one’s lifestyle. It brings prominent variations in an individual’s health, hygiene, persona, and outlook.

A healthy body is a perfect carrier of a spiritual mind. Choice of the consumption level of a person brings exuberant changes in their lives. Improvising home water quality is one excellent step towards healthy living habits.