The 6 Best Tire Inflator 2024

Tire inflators are essential tools to own if you want to improve your braking and fuel-efficiency and stay safe on the road. So, owning an air compressor will help you to check the pressure of your tires and pump them if there is a need. This is a handy tool which will help you respond immediately to any warning that your tires are running low.

Moreover, for maximum braking and grip performance, you should always keep your tires at optimal pressure. This also reduces fuel consumption and lowers wear. A tire inflator is an easy tool to use, especially if compared to the old-fashioned foot-pump. Therefore, to help you find the best tire inflator on the market, we tested plenty of these tools and found out 6 models worth the purchase.

1. Helteko


This is a portable air compressor pump which has a sleek and attractive design. It can handle PSI levels of up to 150, which is quite surprising for such an elegant design. There is an LCD display with a backlight function for an easy read at night, which shows the current air pressure and allows you to program a certain air pressure.

This tool has a flow rate of 35L per minute, which means that you will have a fully inflated tire in minutes. The pump comes with a 3.5m power cable which covers all wheels and connects to the 12V DC outlet to support it. Another great feature is the noise level, which at 50db is not among the loudest on this list.

This elegant device features 3 other air nozzles and handles an impressive air pressure. The only setback we could notice was that it sometimes adds a bit more air.

2. Ontel Air Hawk Pro

This automatic and cordless tool is an excellent pump to own that can be used to add air whenever air is lost from tires and to inflating various inflatables around the house. However, it is not recommended for tire inflation from zero. Its battery-powered performance lasts about 15 minutes and it’s incredibly stable due to the ergonomic design. Besides for tires, this air compressor can also be used for sporting goods.

The Ontel Air Hawk Pro comes with a digital display for programming the desired pressure level and there is also an auto shut-off function which turns off the device as soon as the pressure level is reached. Additionally, there is also a built-in LED light. You should have in mind that it takes about 2 hours to charge, but if you need it immediately, you can use the DC power cable.

The ergonomic design and the portability of this device are its best features, which make it suitable for tires and sports equipment. Nevertheless, note that it might not be a good idea to use it when you need to inflate tires from scratch.

3. Vondior


This digital tire inflator comes with a gauge and an appealing design. It is extremely user-friendly and can be used as often as needed to check tire pressure. The Vondior features a digital reader, no-leak connectors, and exceptional accuracy. This is a very reliable tool powered by two AAA batteries.

Likewise, you will be amazed by its durability, performance, and usability. It also provides additional protection and long-term use with its anti-shock rubber sealing. This is the perfect tool to own if you want quick results. You will also love the straight lock, the twist connectors, and the ¼” NPT male connector. However, it’s important to mention that the only setback is the thin plastic parts it has.

4. EPAuto 12V DC

This is another portable air compressor pump which sorts everything needed to inflate tires and other objects. Hence, the EPAuto 12V DC comes with a display gauge for a direct air pressure reading and buttons for adding or removing air. Additionally, there is also a flashlight, which comes in handy for the nighttime flat tires.

This tool comes with a standard connector for inflating tires and needles for kayaks or basketballs. It offers a maximum supported the pressure of 70PSI and has an auto shut off function which prevents overheating. The back-up fuse, the ability to inflate a tire from zero pressure, and the auto shut off and PSI programming is what make this tool a must-have. Its only downside is that it has a reduced airflow at high PSI.

5. Kensun


This is a portable air compressor which allows power up from DC and AC current. It is perfect for car and bike tires, as well as, sporting equipment. It comes with a simple design, a built-in handlebar, and two buttons for DC and AC power with their corresponding power cables. Plus, it features a large classic pressure gauge.

The Kensun pump supports 120PSI pressure and can handle all types of tires, except van and truck tires. It sports plenty of needles and handles all types of current and all types of inflation needs. You also get a warranty for this tool. Nevertheless, you should have in mind that the pressure gauge cover scratches easily.

6. Avid Power


This pump has an ergonomic design and a 20V battery system. It is a cordless tire inflator works wonders on regular R16 tires and can inflate a tire in just minutes. In fact, you can inflate 3 tires on a single battery charge. The Avid Power air compressor sports a digital pressure gauge which allows you to set the desired pressure level thanks to the 4 pressure units, including PSI, KPA, BAR and Kg/cm2.

Moreover, there are also indicators for battery level, as well as, UBS outputs. The battery should be charged after every use as this tool works best when the batteries are full. This device comes in a compact size which allows you to store it easily and use it for all kinds of inflatables.

The high accuracy and portability of this handheld tire inflator make it a great tool to own. If you decide to purchase this model, you should have in mind that its batteries take hours to charge.