These 6 Are The Best Concrete Paints in 2024

Having concrete surfaces in your home, workplace, or anywhere else is not bad. However, if you leave it as it is after construction, it can be unappealing to look at and boring because of its grey color. Therefore, many people choose to paint over their concrete walls or other surfaces and liven up space a little bit. For this, you will need a special color meant for concrete, and in this article, we will go over some of the best concrete paints available in 2024.

1. KILZ Over Armor Textured Concrete Paint


We start our list with the Over Armor Textured Concrete Paint by KILZ, which is a strong and durable paint meant strictly for concrete. It is perfectly suited for the protection and livening up your old floors with only two coats of paint. The thick acrylic paint is 100% durable acrylic resin. This means it is strong enough to use on driveways, as well as on the interior.

A wide range of solid colors is available, all thick enough and well-textured to fill the potential cracks and hide imperfections. It will give you a uniform and fresh look to warped, cracked, or in other ways damaged concrete. Equally good for vertical and horizontal surfaces, the paint also does well with wood.

One of the biggest advantages the KILZ Over Armor Textured Concrete Coating Paint offers is that the textured surface also functions as an anti-slip coating. This will keep you much safer when it rains over it.

2. ColoredEpoxies 10002 Epoxy Resin Coating Paint


The second paint we have for you is suitable for a wide range of surfaces other than concrete, including wood and plywood. ColoredEpoxies 10002 Epoxy Resin Coating Paint will treat the surface with care and exceptional protection, livening up the whole space.

Mind that this is a clear epoxy resin coating instead of a true concrete paint. What epoxy coating paint does is protect the surfaces from water, mold, cracking, mildew, and any other kind of damage, giving you a flexible and durable surface with a high level of protection.

We will say once more that this is not a regular paint, but actually a clear topcoat rather. However, you can still combine it with any other color of concrete paint, even one of the other choices on the list. This combo will result in paint with an attractive, durable, and glossy finish.

3. Eco Advance EACON16CON Waterproofer


The Eco Advance EACON16CON concrete paint is a waterproof solution for those who need this feature the most. It is a highly concentrated waterproofing concrete paint best used with exterior concrete and garage floors. Like the last entry on the list, this waterproofer is a clear coat paint and not a traditional colored paint. It will still refresh your surface in a way, but it will not change the color. However, the benefits include great durability and waterproofing of your concrete surface, which is more important to some than esthetics.

This is another high concentration formula. The 16 oz. bottle will be enough for you to waterproof more than 240 square feet of surface area with a strong and durable coating. For your convenience, it has a quick drying feature, allowing you the ability to walk over it only two hours after using it. Furthermore, the formula is eco-friendly, nontoxic, nonflammable, and low on odors. This means it is among the safest concrete paint options to work with, from one of the best concrete paint brands out there. Last but not least, we will mention it is breathable in nature, meaning the half-cured surfaces will finish curing after waterproofing,

while the internal moisture will not be trapped inside forever. Your fresh new concrete surfaces will be able to fully dry and remain at their maximum strength at all times.

4. RUST-OLEUM 225359 Concrete Floor Paint


Do you need a smooth and durable finish for your concrete surface? If the answer is yes, RUST-OLEUM 225359 Concrete Floor Paint epoxy shield is the answer to your problems. This single part epoxy paint is great for sealing and protecting whichever concrete surface you have, no matter if it is located outdoors or indoors.

This is not a true paint that offers many colors, rather a strong gray finish resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation from the sun, chemicals, and hot tires. This makes it one of the best and most durable concrete paints for your driveway and garage you can find. As a combination of a primer formula and paint, a single coat will be enough to prime a surface and paint it. This speeds up the often boring chore of painting that not everyone enjoys doing.

5. KILZ L377711 Exterior Concrete Paint


The fifth entry on our list is also the second KILZ product we have for you. Despite being designed for exterior use, evident by its name, the L377711 Exterior Concrete Paint by KILZ is also suitable for use on any other concrete or even brick surface indoors, like a garage, basement, and attic floors. Still, its natural environments are driveways and porches.

This is a gray concrete paint that cannot be that was made for vertical surfaces like walls, but it works equally well, remains durable, and looks attractive on floors and other horizontal concrete. The fast-drying paint is tough and durable, and the brand promises a long lifespan of their product. You will not need to repaint it for years to come after the first coating!

6. Drylok GAL BGE Paint


We will finish things off with the concrete floor paint by Drylok, a decorative and protective concrete paint perfect for garage floors, outdoor patios, as well as indoor concrete floors like the ones in your basements. The paint features a low sheen, non-slip surface that will give you a safe and comfortable walking coat over your old cement floor. A nice range of neutral colors is available so that your old concrete area gets a breath of fresh air and blend in with the rest of your property.

This paint is another fast-drying concrete floor paint. You will only have to wait several hours before getting back to using your garage floor! In addition, it also functions as a primer, other than being a color coat. This will make your life easier as you do not need to buy a separate primer for your surface.

You cannot go wrong with this tough, durable, and flexible paint. Drylok is a good brand, and their concrete floor paint is an excellent protective layer for whichever surface you have in mind!


These have been the six best concrete paints you can find in 2024. From colorful to the protective coating, there is something for everyone here. Whatever your needs may be, and whatever you have planned for that annoying concrete surface in your life, you will find the solution among these products, guaranteed!