Tips and Tricks for Creating a Luxurious Look for Your Garden Space – 2024 Guide

The sun is at its peak, birds sing, nature captivates you, and your friends will arrive! Looking at your garden, you notice that there may be a little something here and there that can really make a difference. The following is a small guide that we made for you who want to make a difference.

How do you enhance your garden table design?

To add spices to your furniture and to accompany the design (preferably in noble materials such as teak, aluminum or webbing that is brushed and treated …), you can:

Put a candle for a little (or a lot) of dinner watered. You can take a candle with a flower or fruit aroma. Beautiful subtle thoughts for your guests!

Place a beautiful little basket, with flowers and other ornaments

A stack of wooden blocks to stack, always fun and suitable for the natural decoration.

garden table design

Stainless steel torches with torches, objects that always give a feeling of relaxation and a comfortable atmosphere. Why don’t use metallic colors? The metallic ones will stand out from yours. Metallic colors give the impression of luxury, just like what is usually applied to luxury watches. To find out the color effects on luxury watches you can visit

Effect of light and LED lights for atmospheric atmosphere

Hidden floor LED lights are very fashionable today because they bring warm and bright colors to the space. Not only can you place it around your table, but also throughout the bush, the entrance and lobby, your garden or even your home.

Subtle lighting for subtle decorations, that’s the secret!

Here are some examples of lights that you can use for space:

The lanterns are colorful and very smooth, you only need to hang them around your terrace, some lanterns have small legs that allow you to put them directly.
Bright lights and balls, all of which have original shapes that enhance the design. The soft and colorful light that comes from them is synonymous with night success.
Wireless luminous cubes with integrated speakers, so there you will have enough pleasant atmospheres during the night in your garden! This type of device is connected directly to your tablet or cellphone to play your favorite music.


We have made a short list of our best tips for protecting, maintaining or renovating your table and the rest of your garden furniture:

The saturator, for optimal wood protection. This product is mainly applied to wooden terraces but can also be used on garden furniture. It must be applied to dry wood before applying paint. It is important to clean, remove fat and clean the wood before applying the saturator, especially for wood that is slightly more exotic. A small sanding step with fine sandpaper is recommended before starting to act.

Oil treatment, it will be perfect if you observe the appearance of small faded stains on your table paint. Apply oil gently throughout it. If your support for this situation seems a bit late, you can apply 2 coats for better results.

If your table is dirty, it’s time to renovate and cleaners can significantly reduce work time. To prepare the renovation, apply a stripper made specifically for wood (or a universal cleaner is also good). Then, using a spatula, you only need to remove the paint, which will take you between 15 and 20 minutes.

You should know that even if you are careful, bad weather will sooner or later take over. That’s why it’s always good to take some precautions to protect your garden table and other furniture. If you live in the heat and heat of the year, a large umbrella can prevent a lot of damage in the long run.