If you have listened to any news in the last nine months, then you are aware that there is a campaign underway to elect the next president of the United States. During this time we have heard about women’s rights and gender equality from both parties.

I am not going to get into which candidate I think is best, but I do have a contentious bone when I hear women in any media referred to as farm wives. I do not care for that phrase. Women are not married to the farm; they are married to a farmer. We don’t refer to men as farm husbands.

Why do we call women farm wives? They should be referred to as the female farm partner. Anyone who lives on a vegetable farm or orchard knows what women do to keep that business running. I can’t think of an operation where a female is not involved. She may be working in the field, running a tractor or overseeing help. If there is a farm stand, it is usually the lady who supervises that. In addition to her farm duties, she is also responsible for running the day-to-day family life. Farm women do it all.

There are many farms run exclusively by women. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture 2012 Census of Agriculture, women are the principal operators on 14 percent of the country’s farms. Whether the lady of the farm is the principal operator or a partner, she is often promoting agriculture to consumers. I love to read blogs written by female farmers because they have a unique perspective.

With Mother’s Day approaching on May 8, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all female farm partners a very happy day. I hope you can do something for yourself, enjoy your family and take a day off from the farm. You deserve it!