10 DIY Ways to Decorate Your Garden in 2024

Spring is already upon us and summer is creeping by ever so closely. This means that the gardening season is upon us as well. This also means that gardeners are already preparing how to decorate their gardens and which new flowers to plant to make their yards as attractive as possible.

But this year, instead of using the old method that you have done a year in and year out, why not make something completely new. We are offering you some DIY ways to create beautiful decorations in your garden with things that you can find close by.

1. Paper Bag Vases

Paper Bag Vases
source: pinterest

Instead of going the old fashioned way of using flower pots, why not make your own paper bag vases? It is very easy to make and can serve both as a beautiful decoration for your garden and also as a gift that you can present to somebody. You still need a pot to put the soil in, but everything else goes into the paper bag.

You can use a colorful paper bag that you like or start with a blank one and decorate it yourself. The latter option is probably a more fun one. Once you decide on your paper bag, put the pot inside it and find a place for it. You can keep these flowers on the window sill anywhere you like.

2. Spray Painted Garden Furniture

Spray Painted Garden Furniture
source: arvishouse.blogspot.com

No garden is complete without garden furniture. It makes everything better; you can relax there, spend your days without a care in the world, or have fun with your friends when they visit. Either way, it would be fun to decorate your garden furniture and spruce things up a bit.

You can do it in two ways: Buy some new furniture that you can decorate or use the old one and repurpose it. Whichever way you decide to go you can decorate using some paints or spray paints. Make a stencil and spray on any shape that you like and save yourself some time. If you are really, artistic take a brush and some paints and draw a picture or decorate it with some shapes.

3. Football Hanging Baskets

Football Hanging Baskets
source: instagram

If your kids go through old balls as others do, then you probably have an endless supply of old balls that you can upcycle. You can use any old balls; basketball, football, soccer or volleyball balls. The main idea is that they can be cut and used as hangers,

Cut out the balls and fill them with soil. You can decorate and spray some added details if you wish. Finally, add some strings to the sides so you can hang them on a porch. I got a great piece of advice from a clerk from funeralflowers.org who told me that lilies are the best way to go with these types of flower pot hangers.

4. Smart DIY Plant Tags

Smart DIY Plant Tags
source: thespruce.com

If you want to give your flowers some personality, try making plant tags that you can add to them. If you are a fan of comic books than you know what we mean. Those air bubbles that appear above characters that contain pieces of writing that they say. Now you can give your flowers a voice and provide them with something to say.

You only need a thin piece of wood, some cardboard, and a marker. Cut the cardboard out and glue it to the part of wood and let your wit do the rest. Think of smart quotes that your flowers can now say.

5. Upcycled Tin Cans

Upcycled Tin Cans
source: oliveonblonde.wordpress.com

Recycle or better yet upcycle your tin cans into garden decorations. If you have any tin cans whether they are big or small, you can turn them into flower pots and keep your flowers there. But the best part is that you get to play around with them any way that you like.

Gather all the old cans that you have and find some paint. Spray paint works best, but you can use whatever you have. Spray cheerful and beautiful decorations on them or draw whatever you like. It will bring some pizazz to your garden.

6. Create Your Very Own Concrete Leaves

Concrete Leaves
source: youtube

Concrete is advantageous as it can be shaped any way you like. Decorating your garden with concrete ornaments works well as you can utilize it any way that you want. We suggest making concrete flower pot holders in the shape of a leaf.

It might be a little difficult for beginners, but if you manage to do it, you will have some unique ornaments for your garden. You can create and shape the leaves any way you like and attach them in various places of your garden. Find suitable flowers pots that you can put on and make your garden beautiful.

7. DIY Plant Markers

DIY Plant Markers
source: allputtogether.com

Do you have your herb garden? Well since it’s already spring, you should think of creating one. Having your fragrant herb garden with basil, rosemary or thyme on hand can be helpful when you are cooking. But to spruce things up, we suggest creating your very own plant markers.

It is effortless and enjoyable to do. You can make them from whatever you want; wood, iron or even cardboard. The most important thing is that you make them yourself and make them as creative as you can. Try to connect it with the theme of your entire garden for a different sort of look.

8. Smiley Face Pots

Smiley Face Pots

Instead of using old and standard looking flower pots you can now make happy and fun ones. And we do mean fun and happy as now you can draw faces and choose emotions that your flowers pots can have.

If you like texting with emojis, you will probably like having these types of flower pots. It is really simple to make and you can repurpose old ones. Just make sure to repaint the old ones in a neutral color and draw on or paint on a smiley face or a winky face and give your garden different kinds of emotions.

9. Terracotta Pond Decorations

A pond can be a really nice addition to a garden. Whether you have a natural one or you have made one yourself there are ways of making it look even better. Create your very own floating decorations out of terracotta.

These floaters are a great idea to make your garden ponds look better. It is also easy to make and you don’t have to spend too much on them. We suggest drawing something on the floaters and making various calligraphy decorations. It will be a very nice addition to a garden and give it new life.

10. Add DIY Garden Lights

Add DIY Garden Lights
source: pinterest

Adding some light ornaments to your garden or front porch is really nice. Furthermore, there are great ways of making many of them and you can create a variety of them even without using electricity. You need some old jars or glasses and some candles.

First, decorate the outside of the glass by drawing something. You can use paints to do so and we suggest oil pets as the best. Put the candles inside; better use those flat ones as they can fit better and burn more. Fix them to the bottom or add some sand. Hang them up and see how much brighter your garden will look.