10 Reasons To Grow A Microgreens Garden Indoors in 2024

If you love to get outside and work with plants while playing in the dirt, then you probably hate it when it is too cold outside or the weather is not optimal enough for you to get your organic plants planting the right way. If this is you, then you may want to look into beginning growing microgreens inside of your home by using a microgreens growing kit (if you would like to read more about growing kits click here).

Not only would that be organic herbs being grown which have super health benefits, but it would also bring color and air into your home while feeding your hobbies at the same time. Below are just 10 of the reasons that you should look into having organic micros inside your home.

1. They have Buds and Flowers too

These little plants don’t just look like green strings sitting in a pot, they are beautiful plants too! They come in striking different shades of emerald that can truly brighten up a home and make it look airy and beautiful. The different shades of this color draw the eye in and add dimension to a room.

Some microgreens even bud with tiny flowers that are beautiful and irresistible. If you want a beautiful indoor garden that is small and manageable as well as beautiful, microgreens would be a great thing to plant.

2. They have health benefits

Img Source: inhabitat.com

Planting an indoor garden will get you off of your couch and get you working on things that provide you with a lot of health benefits on its own as you will be getting more exercise than you may normally get. Planting organic small green plants in your house will also provide you with fresh, healthy produce straight from your home.

These plants are vegetables like spinach, Arugula, Dillweed, Broccoli, etc. which, as we know, are healthy, and when they are in an organic form are even healthier as they are free from harmful pesticides. Having your own little fresh veggies and herbs grown inside means that you also have a food that is full of vitamins and nutrients at the tip of your fingers.

3. It will make your growing area a picture-perfect area

If you have an indoor garden then you have the perfect place to sit and look in awe. Microgreen gardens are far from being eyesores; they have so many different shades of a shamrock and can be arranged to be an ornamental garden as much as it is a useful garden.

4. They have history

Img Source: inhabitat.com

It may seem silly, but you can actually learn a lot from your microgreens. They have been used for centuries for different things from medical reasons to general health benefits. If you want a hobby that will be fun, nutritious, and will give you a lot to learn about and research, then planting them in your home is the way to go.

5.  It can save you a lot of money

Vegetables, especially organic vegetables can really add up on the grocery bill and cost you a lot of money every time you go. When the microgreens are out of season they are also more expensive to buy fresh. Growing your own means that you will never have to buy them again, especially if you grow them in constant temperatures all year long in your house.

6. Microgreen Gardens are Versatile

Img Source: sprouts.io

Whether you grow in your kitchen to grab the greens and throw them in with your favorite recipe, or you plant yours simply for aesthetic reasons, microgreens are the perfect plant to put in your home. They can be ornamental and edible at the same time.

7. You can make new friends

People all over the country are doing the same hobby as you and learning how to plant them in their homes just like you are. You can easily find Facebook groups or community groups with people who are doing the same thing and find yourself surrounded by new friends.

8. It will help unlock your creative side

Img Source: plantingmyseeds.com

You will be amazed at everything you learn and all the fun things you think of to do with your new indoor garden. You will find new recipes to put your greens in, find new ways to plant them together and separately, etc. You will be amazed at how much creativity your brain unlocks when you start growing several edible plants in your house.

9. You will be proud of your accomplishments

Your new garden will not mean that you will never have to go to the store or buy anything else again. You are not going to be necessarily self-sufficient but you will be on your way to being in a place where you can be proud of what you were able to do on your own.

When you are able to pick some asparagus or handle a floret of broccoli that you grew on your own, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that you have never felt before. You will be able to look at what you grew and see that you were able to put something on your table all by yourself and feel as though you are able to be a little less dependant on the supermarket to get your greens from.

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10. You will be able to show off all of your new brain power

Of course, you are already smart, but being able to start and grow your own garden in your home means that you not only have an eye for decorating and planting greens, but it shows that you have the smarts required for researching and learning all about your what each type of plant needs in order to grow.

It is easy to feel intimidated at the thought of starting a garden inside your own home. It takes a lot of patience and cares to keep things alive and make plants like this grow lush. However, the reward of the finished product will make it all worthwhile! If you are looking for a new hobby and a fun challenge, this is a great thing to do.