3 Tips on How to Prepare For Trade Shows

Trade shows bring a lot of excitement as well as a time to improve your ag business. Attending or having a booth at a trade show is a great investment. Here are some tips to prepare for and get the most out of them. Prepare For Trade Shows

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1. Map out your trail

Trade shows can be overwhelming with the booths, hustle and bustle. Before the show starts, check out the show’s official website for maps and exhibitor lists. Mark your top priority booth visits, presentations and any workshops that you are interested in attending. Map out the times and visit those first. According to Everett Thomas from Farm Show 101, make any booth visits early in the day and pay attention to show specials where you might find bargain prices for any equipment or product you may be looking to add to your business.

2. Make sure you’re prepared

If you are recruiting any help to man your booth, it’s crucial to prepare them with any facts regarding your company. A print-out sheet or index cards can prove helpful when facing attendees.

Also, standing in one area for a long period of time is not ideal physically or mentally. According to the Iowa State University Extension, it’s important to ensure that adequate breaks are taken by staff to ensure that the quality of presentations stays consistent.

Set out business cards and anything that potential customers can grab to learn more information if they’re walking by. If your budget allows it, it won’t hurt to have a giveaway with your company logo on it to give to potential customers. Water bottles, reusable grocery bags and pens are a few examples of items you can put your company logo on and put on the table. Encourage customers to take any information or any samples that you may have.

If you’re not exhibiting and are looking to purchase equipment or products, prepare any questions you may have. Booth representatives are there to answer any questions, so take advantage of that.

3. Follow up with your potential customers

After the show is over, make sure to follow up with any potential customers either by phone or email. Trade show attendees see many different booths and visit with many people, so they may sometimes forget to contact companies after the show is over. Setting deadlines to contact customers and following through will ensure a successful end to the trade show.

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