Accentuate Your Indoor Fireplace with These 4 Home Decoration Tips

A room’s focal point is the most crucial aspect of its interior décor. Since it’s the first thing you notice after entering a room, it sets the atmosphere. It also dictates the rest of the interior design elements, such as furniture style, colour palettes, layout, etc. Essentially, the focal point provides balance, cohesion, and hierarchy.

Many people consider fireplaces the heart of a living room, but it takes creativity to make it outstanding. Explore these fireplace décor ideas to make it your home’s centre of attraction.

Change Furniture Layout


Have you ever wondered why most people have sofas facing their TV? The objective is to make the media centre the room’s focal point. Of course, this trick can work for your fireplace too.

Rearrange your sofas and chairs such that they face the fireplace. You can choose a square, rectangular, or round layout, provided all seats face the hearth. Then, place a simple coffee table at the centre. Ensure it isn’t too dramatic to draw your visitors’ focus from the fireplace.

When arranging the sofas, leave enough room between the fireplace and the closest seat. Sitting too close to the fire causes discomfort and is also an accident risk. Also, ensure the spaces between the seats are large enough to allow free movement.

De-emphasise Secondary Focal Points

Sometimes, your room might have multiple natural focal points. For example, an exposed brick wall or large window offering a scenic view can draw attention away from the fireplace. The solution is to prioritise the fireplace and de-emphasise the secondary focal points.

You can do this by using paler colours and subtler textures. Additionally, accentuate the fireplace using the tips below.

Decorate Adjacent Walls


Leaving the walls adjacent to your fireplace bare results in a dull space. Conversely, decorating them brightens the room and sparks visual interest. If done correctly, you can transform the area into a magazine-worthy spot.

The easiest way to decorate the wall is by painting. Alternatively, you can fix wallpapers or patterned tiles. These add colour, vibrancy, and visual appeal to the area. Depending on your taste, you can choose bright and vivid hues or subtle and elegant colours.

If you have a small room, consider decorating it with mirrors. Mirrors effectively add depth and intrigue and create an illusion of space. Choose a large mirror that doesn’t look out of place next to your centrepiece.

Add Lighting


One of the interior designers’ oldest and most effective tricks is using light fixtures to accentuate an element. For example, lights draw attention instantly, and you can use them to make the fireplace your room’s focal point.

Installing stylish bulbs on either side of the fireplace highlights its beauty. If you have money to spare, install chandeliers or pendant lights. Otherwise, place tiered candles above the structure. You can use scented pieces to add a pleasant smell to the flame’s ambience.

Final Words

The focal point must be the highlight of your living room. If you use the abovementioned tips, you’ll receive endless compliments from whoever visits your home.