At What Time OF The Year Should A Termite Inspection Be Conducted? 8 Tips For Homeowners

No matter in which country one resides, people complain about the mess termites have created in the house. Be it books, copies of the necessary documentation, pipelines, insulation, wooden furniture, or even living trees, termites damage everything once their infestation starts. People spend thousands of dollars getting rid of these pests before they cause any further damage.

If a homeowner wants to know if there is any termite infestation in their house, the best time to do the inspection is spring. Spring is the time pests find a place and start making their colonies.

No one likes their precious furniture and belongings getting disintegrated by termites. Complete eradication of these pests takes time and is a complicated process. However, there are numerous ways the new infestation can be prevented, and the already present ones can be dormant. Even though contacting a pest control company is the best option, if termites are detected, one should take immediate action to stop the further spread.

Tips For Homeowners To Deal With Termite Infestation


Before building a new house or even moving into a new one, it becomes essential that a pest control agency conducts a termite inspection. People should not be misled by their small size. They can cause a lot of damage in a brief period. They tend to multiply rapidly. Taking steps towards eradication should be put up as soon as possible.

Here are some preventive measures one can follow to control the increase of termites:

Pay Attention To The Wooden Items In The House

The salient source of food for termites is wood. They first target any house’s windows, doors, and wooden furniture. The best way to ensure that termites do not make your home their home is not to have any wood nearby. But, of course, that is never possible. Wood is also the most common material to make furniture.

Fortunately, people now have access to termite protection sprays in any store. Spray it all over the furniture. Another thing to remember is to make one’s garden termites accessible. They can also reside in the trees and eventually spread to the house.

Boric Acid Can Come In Handy


Making a boric acid solution, also known as a borax solution, and applying it to the affected areas can help obliterate termites. But the person needs to be consistent with the use. After a few applications, the pests tend to die or move away from the house. This method is non-toxic and very effective. Moreover, the process is also relatively inexpensive.

Exposing The Affected Items To The Sunlight Can Help

Are you searching for an effective natural treatment to eradicate termites? Sunlight is the answer. If the furniture is kept near a damp, dark, and moist area, it becomes the perfect place for termites to start making a home. Holding that piece of wood furnishing in contact with the sunlight makes the item get rid of moisture and dries off the dampness. Moreover, presets cannot handle that heat and eventually die. The process is unsophisticated and also highly effective. After all, the Sun can give life and take the life of unwanted termites!

Using A Cardboard Box As A Bait

Everyone knows that a wet cardboard box smells woody, and guess who else loves wood? Termites! Keeping a dampened wooden box near the infestation can intrigue the termites as they find that smell irresistible, and cardboard is made of cellulose. Thus it is also edible for them!

Once the termites are enticed into that cardboard box, one should immediately take it out and burn it down to ashes. Even though it is not a foolproof method, it is worth a try as it has been claimed to be effective by many who have also suffered the consequences of a termite infestation.

Essential Oils Can Be Effective


Want your room to smell good as well as be termite free? Use orange or neem essential oils. Besides the fact that orange essential oil smells fantastic, it is destructive for a termite. Even inhaling the essence can cause the pest to die.

On the other hand, if neem oil is used as a treatment solution, the termites die on consumption. Drop a few droplets of these oils near the infestation regularly for a few days or a week, and it is sure to fetch praiseworthy results.

Have A Termite Treatment Conducted Before The Construction Of The Building

There are ways in which pest control companies can put a permanent barrier toward the growth of termites. This method is called “pre-construction termite treatment.” This is a soil treatment done before the foundation of a house so that an imaginary fence is created toward the growth of soil or wood termites. A distinctive solution is applied near the concrete foundation, whose role is to protect the house and create a barrier against termites and has proven to be a durable treatment.

Termiticides Can Be Applied To The Soil


A trench is created in the soil, and termiticide solutions are added. Subterranean termites make their colonies in the ground, which is a very efficient technique to get rid of them or stop even allowing them to start their life cycle. This way, even if the pests had already created a nest in that soil, a barrier would have been made, and they would not be able to return.

Find A Way To Protect The Air Conditioner

Yes, it sounds unlikely, but how an air conditioner operates creates moisture, and as we all know, dampness is the best friend of termites. It is essential to guard the place where the AC unit is situated and to prevent any moisture from being deposited nearby. The draining system should be clear to avoid such consequences where even one termite is led to the machine unit.


As experts always say, “Prevention is better than cure.” it is always better to even stop one termite from getting in the house than conducting an extensive inspection to get rid of them. But yes, people can only know beforehand whether they would face some termite problem. If they do, the techniques mentioned above are the best “do it yourself” treatment a person can try for eradication before they call up pest control. These methods work out effectively most of the time. But, commoners are not experts. Deciding to do it yourself leaves the risk of damage to furniture and property. Thus, the best decision is to contact pest control as early as possible to get a foolproof and durable solution. Check here to get in touch with them.