A Complete Guidebook to Achieve Optimal Cooling in Your Home

Keeping homes cool can seem like a full-time job during the summer. With the onslaught of heat and humidity, temperatures inside homes and businesses can rise uncomfortably high. Learning how to keep homes and businesses cool all season long begins with this guide. These tips will help property owners stay out of the heat and have a welcome oasis of cooling relief at home.

Tips for Achieving Optimal Cooling in Homes

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Those who want to keep homes comfortable must ensure they have the right equipment.  AC units from Lennox offer superior cooling ability that keeps heat out and humidity levels low. With the right cooling equipment, keeping the heat at bay will be easier. Consider the tips below to achieve better cooling.

  1. Close all blinds and curtains to keep the sun’s rays out. It is especially critical to keep the north and west-facing windows covered during the summer because they will produce more heat. Ideally, homeowners should purchase blackout curtains to keep all rays out.
  2. The goal of keeping homes cool is to keep the heat out. Shade trees, awnings, and large potted plants can all bring shade to homes and keep temperatures down. Some homeowners invest in window tinting because it keeps the heat out and can protect your furniture, draperies, and carpeting from fading because of UV exposure.
  3. Making sure to adjust ceiling fans for the season is essential. Fans should rotate counter-clockwise during the summer to circulate air appropriately. When fan blades circulate counter-clockwise, they push air straight down, giving a cooling effect in the room and helping the air conditioner work more effectively.
  4. Keeping the doors closed and sealing gaps can help keep the heat out so the home or business stays more comfortable during the summer. Sealing the gaps also keeps cool air in, ensuring your AC unit does not work excessively.

How to Choose the Right Lennox Air Conditioner?

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Lennox offers a range of air conditioners to help home and business owners keep their properties cool and comfortable all season long. The following provides information on some of the offerings available from Lennox so owners can select the right one for their needs.

The XC25 Air Conditioner

The XC25 has been out for many years but remains one of the most popular Lennox cooling models in the industry. Many people prefer this unit because it operates so quietly and works efficiently. The unit modulates and runs through 65 different speeds, ensuring proper cooling throughout the home. The unit will ramp up or down the compression, based on the needs of the home.

The CBX40UHV Air Handler

Lennox also offers air handlers. Air handlers work in conjunction with air conditioners to deliver cool air throughout the home. Lennox air handlers work well and hold up for many years. The CBX40UHV works quieter than many other air handlers. Without the noise, homeowners will not be disturbed as they cool their homes.

Select the Best Lennox Air Conditioner for Better Heat Control

Most people consider air conditioners essential during the summer. Without them, temperatures can begin rising uncomfortably high inside homes and businesses. Lennox has been in business for over 125 years and offers a range of air conditioners for the needs of its customers. No matter the brand, careful research becomes essential for home and business owners looking for a new air conditioner.