AGCO Corporation unveiled the new White Planters 9800VE Series planter during the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.

The 9800VE Series planters are the result of AGCO’s latest investment in planting technology available from Precision Planting®. The planters feature a new seed meter, electronic drive, automated downforce plus monitoring and data management technologies.

“Researchers continue to learn and quantify the yield benefits of accurate seed placement. With that understanding, our customers are demanding technology that will allow them to capture the full yield potential of every seed planted,” said Conor Bergin, tactical marketing manager, Application, Seeding, and Tillage. “The 9800VE Series planters are equipped to do just that, in addition to providing the long-lasting durability and simple maintenance and operation White Planters has provided for more than 40 years.”

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The 9800VE Series row-crop planters are available with a full range of options and attachments and may be configured to fit any production system. The Series offers three models with 30-inch row spacing in 12-row, 16-row and 24-row configurations: the 9812VE-30, the 9816VE-30, and 9824VE-30. The planters are built upon three-section frames that flex 21 degrees up or down at each wing for consistent planting depth across irregular terrain and that fold for convenient movement from field to field. 

The new planters are equipped with a vSet® meter, which offers seed singulation plus reliability for minimal downtime. This meter features a flat disk with a single vac setting and a floating, 5-lobed singulator. It handles virtually any seed size or shape with a minimal amount of tweaks to vac pressure, disk or singulator settings and delivers nearly 100 percent accuracy.

DeltaForce hydraulic downforce control matches field conditions on-the-go to provide consistent seed depth placement for each individual row. The downforce of each row unit is adjusted automatically to minimize soil compaction or prevent shallow placement. It compensates for soil variation caused by wheel tracks, changes in soil type, soil moisture and varying amounts of crop residue across the field.

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The vDrive® electronic drive system on 9800VE Series planters allows row-by-row control of the vSet seed meters so they adjust independently around headland curves. This control ensures the desired population is planted, saving seed and ensuring equidistant plant spacing for optimum yields. In addition, the vDrive allows prescription planting that matches plant population to the soil’s yield potential as well as row shut off to prevent over planting of point rows and end rows.

White Planter’s 9800 are equipped with a SeedSense® monitor which tracks population, speed, skips, doubles, row unit ride, down force and ground contact on the go. The information is immediately displayed on a color screen, allowing the operator to make adjustments needed to seed precisely, maintain depth, avoid compaction and troubleshoot mechanical problems. 

FieldView® data collection and mapping is an iPad®-based solution to real-time, high definition mapping and data collection. It integrates with SeedSense and is available as a factory-installed option.