The Benefits of Hydroseeding for Your Landscape, From Erosion Prevention to Better Looking Lawns

Hydroseeding has become a popular and efficient way to complete large landscaping projects quickly.

This technique utilizes a blend of seed, mulch, water, and fertilizer to create your perfect lawn: lush, thick and green.

If you’re familiar with sod installation or traditional seeding methods — and you’ve been thinking about creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape for your property — hydroseeding should be considered as an option.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss why hydroseeders have revolutionized landscaping projects – both large and small – by offering not just efficiency but also lower costs while producing beautiful results!

How Hydroseeding Can Save You Money Over Time?


Hydroseeding is an increasingly popular solution for landscape projects due to its cost-saving benefits.

One of the main advantages of hydroseeding is the lower initial cost compared to that of installing sod or turf for a green lawn.

It is much more affordable to apply the mixed slurry of seed and mulch, using a sprayed hydroseeder machine, than it is to purchase and install a large amount of turf.

On top of this, hydroseeders save labour costs related to setting up and maintaining a lawn. Spraying the mulch mixture is a quick process that requires fewer workers. It also requires less irrigation overall.

The Advantages of Using Hydroseeding Versus Other Methods

  1. Hydroseeding can be up to 75% cheaper than buying and installing turf
  2. Sticks to slopes and can be applied to reach hard-to-reach areas
  3. The seed is protected by the mulch, keeping the soil moist while it germinates and providing better contact with the soil
  4. It’s 100% organic and biodegradable
  5. It’s better for the environment as it requires less irrigation overall
  6. No missed spots like the gaps between turf rolls
  7. No pests introduced
  8. Controls erosion straight after application

Hydroseeding Controls Erosion

Hydroseeding helps to combat land erosion. By spraying wood fiber mulch and seed together, a hardy barrier is created that not only protects the soil but quickly supports newly planted vegetation.

Different varieties of mulch are available that will stick to steep or even vertical surfaces and enable growth on poor, hard, or acidic soil.

Rather than traditional methods like hand-seeding, hydroseeding provides a patch of hydrated ground that minimizes the potential for germination failure due to lack of water or overgrowth from neighboring weeds.

This makes it a great choice for those looking to rapidly grow new vegetation in an effort to prevent land erosion from occurring in the first place.

In conclusion, hydroseeding offers countless advantages for landscaping projects.

Not only can it save you money over time due to its affordability, but hydroseeding can also prevent erosion through its strong and durable root systems, as well as requiring less water and maintenance.

As you consider the various options available for your landscaping project, remember that hydroseeding is a great option for its cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

So don’t wait – start researching hydroseeding today! With the help of Better Than Turf’s top-notch hydroseeding services, you can bring your dream landscape project to life faster and cheaper than ever before!