CBD Flower 101: Understanding the Basics of Cultivation

The widespread availability of CBD flower in various retail outlets, both physical and online, has made it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts, despite its relatively high cost.

It seems like CBD flower is everywhere these days — in specialty shops, at gas stations, and (most especially) online. Given the cost at which CBD flower can come, though, many who enjoy this form of CBD nonetheless are on the hunt for alternative ways to acquire their favorite form of cannabis.

How do you grow CBD flowers, is it easy, and — most importantly — is it worth it to grow your own CBD flower at home? Learn everything you need to know about CBD flower cultivation in this guide.

What Is CBD Flower?

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CBD flower is a common term used for Cannabis sativa buds that contain high concentrations of CBD but low levels of THC. To be compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD flower must contain less than 0.3% THC, which can be accomplished with careful selective breeding.

Many hemp buds contain high levels of CBD but are nonetheless not considered to be “smokable-grade” because they contain less than 10% total cannabinoids and are not cultivated for their aroma or taste. By breeding hemp buds with popular THC strains until complaint cannabinoid levels are reached, though, you can take all the best things about smoking CBD but offer them in a much more palatable package.

How Do You Grow CBD Flower?

The process of growing CBD flowers is identical to the process used to grow THC cannabis. There are ideal methods for cultivating individual strains, of course, but the same can be said for any type of cannabis flower. If you know how to grow weed, you already know how to grow hemp as well.

That’s saying a lot, though. As an incredibly complex plant, cultivating cannabis for smoking purposes is more of an art than it is a hobby. Whichever cannabinoid it contains, growing Cannabis sativa is challenging even for the most experienced horticulturalists, which is why it is often wise to leave this process to the experts.

Is Growing CBD Flower Legal?

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Growing CBD flower that contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC once it is dried and cured is legal under federal law. Some state and local jurisdictions, however, may have put rules in place specifically limiting the cultivation of CBD-rich cannabis.

If information regarding CBD hemp cultivation in your area is not available online, you may want to contact your city or county government. Keep in mind, though, that hemp cultivation is very difficult to tell apart from marijuana production, and many areas of the country are still hostile to cannabis of all kinds.

How Much CBD Flower Can You Grow at Home?

There are no federal limits on the amount of CBD-rich Cannabis sativa flower you can cultivate on your own private property. Local jurisdictions may have restrictions in place on cannabis cultivation, though, that also extend to hemp cultivation. Contact your local government if you’re unsure whether your CBD flower cultivation might run you afoul of the law.

Does Growing CBD Flower Cost Less?

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One of the most common reasons people cite when explaining their plans to grow CBD flowers at home is the perceived reduced cost. It’s just a plant, they say, how hard could it be to grow?

Well, here are a few of the factors you will need to keep in mind just for starters:

  1. It will be necessary to prepare a suitable growing area such as a sealed garage, closet, or grow tent
  2. You will need to consider lighting, ambient humidity, and pest prevention
  3. You will need to optimize humidity while simultaneously preventing mold
  4. You will need to constantly monitor your growth operation
  5. Monthly power bills will skyrocket — even with LEDs
  6. You will need to regularly buy soil and nutrients
  7. There are endless unexpected expenses that come up

In the end, no, it is very unlikely that growing your own CBD flower will actually cost less.

The Bottom Line: Is Growing CBD Flower Worth It?

Now that CBD flower has become so popular, it’s understandable that everyone wants to grow it. High-end CBD nugs can often cost $40 or more per eighth, which seems like a considerable upfront cost.

To provide hemp plants with a suitable place to mature, though, you will need to conservatively spend at least $500 on your initial grow setup. Then there are the recurring costs, which are often as high as you were paying to buy CBD flowers on the internet.

If you’re growing CBD flowers just because you love to do it, that’s a great choice for you. If you think you’ll save money by growing CBD flowers at home, though, take a moment to reconsider your options before proceeding.