Top 8 Best Farming TV Shows

TV shows provide endless entertainment that makes this pandemic a lot more bearable. TV shows with a focus on the topic of farming and agriculture are very important and very popular in some parts of the country.

While we’ve all seen documentaries, movies, and TV series on the subject of farming and agriculture; we are currently experiencing an emerging trend of TV shows.

If you do a simple Google search you can uncover many of these shows, and that Google search has brought you to this article. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 8 Best farming TV shows to watch through cable, satellite, and even streaming services.

Without further due, let’s start.

1. American Farmer

Currently broadcasted on RFD-TV, American Farmer is an excellent show that focuses on the technology used to better agriculture and farming. It focuses on the lives of everyday people that make up the most important demographic in the United States.

These people are responsible for bringing us food to the table, and American Farmer is dedicated to educate and enlighten people on what it means to have the newest technology in this industry.

American Farmer is one of the best farming shows out there with a huge following and an even larger viewership. If you ever wanted to sample a country living straight from your TV, American Farmer is the show to watch.

2.  Know GMO

Know GMO is a very good show that follows Nick Saik and his father Rob as they explain to us everything there is to know about GMOs and farming.

Know GMO is much more scientific in nature than any other on this list. It focuses on explaining the biotechnology used to make genetically modified organisms and how it functions in our modern society. It even goes as deep to explain to us the public perception around GMOs, whether it’s positive or negative.

Nick Saik is one of the stars of the Know GMO, and it has been so positively perceived by the audience that he decided to run a YouTube channel where he explains to us the connection between science and agriculture.

3.  FarmHer

Yet another show from RFD-TV but this time about a passionate woman that wants to make a change in the world. She juggles through life, community, and her love for agriculture, especially growing apples.

FarmerHer follows her experience as a woman in the agriculture industry and follows her achievements as she contributes to her family and to the overall industry.

4.  American Harvest

American Harvest is an exclusive show that you can watch on Carbon TV where you follow the experiences of people in one of the oldest industries in the world- farming.

American harvest isn’t so much a show as it is a documentary presented in the format of a TV show. The series mostly follows Chad Olson, a farmer from Minnesota, that owns a business that revolves around harvesting anything from corn, soybeans, wheat, or anything of the kind.

It explains the difficulties, excitement, disappointment, and gives us an in-depth look as to what it means to be a farmer in the United States. Chad Olson runs more than 80 combines across the area from Texas to Canada and uses his business to better the farmer, the industry, and the community.

You can watch all of these shows and hundreds more if you gain access to the appropriate means of watching TV. For more information about that make sure to visit

5.  The Ranch

The Ranch is also quite different than the other shows on this list as it is a more comedic one. It follows the Elliott family and their life on the ranch. The Ranch focuses on small-town ranching but gives it a comedic twist.

While critics agree that The Ranch isn’t an accurate description of the ranching industry, it is a rather refreshing take of what it takes to be a rancher and a farmer at the same time.

With all that said, The Ranch does portray the ups and downs of what it means to be a rancher. It does show us the high cost that comes with owning a ranch, what it feels like to experience crop failures, how to deal with a surplus of growth, and lots more.

6.  The Incredible Dr. Pol

The incredible Dr. Pol is a very fun show that revolves around the life of a veterinarian residing in Michigan. Dr. Jan Pol is a veterinarian living in the countryside and most of his clients aren’t dogs or cats but mice, chickens, cows, pigs, etc.

Dr. Pol has made quite a name for himself over the years, and according to statistics of National Geographic, he has been a veterinarian for 47 years registering over 25,000 clients.

The Incredible Dr. Pol is a great show that gives us some insight into what it means to be a veterinarian in the countryside.

7.  Dirty jobs

While Dirty Jobs isn’t necessary a farming show, it does have lots of episodes where Mike Rowe samples life in the farming, agricultural, and ranching industry.

The primary focus of dirty jobs is to portray to the viewer some of the dirtiest, weirdest, and menial jobs that Americans do. You’d be surprised to see how dirty and menial being a pig farmer can be.

The great thing about dirty jobs is that it gives us an excellent insight into the day of an ordinary farmer. As Mike Rowe says, it’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.

8. The American Farm

The American Farm is a History Channel classic that’s divided into an eight-part series filmed all across America. The American Farm shows us the lives of everyday farmers and their experiences in the industry.

It shows us what it means and what it takes to be a farmer by introducing to us the core problems that reside in the industry. The show is highly praised for its stunning visuals that are mostly taken in the countryside and mountainside.

If you’re looking to watch an authentic show that doesn’t shine away from the nasty, the ugly, and the good things a farmer experiences in a single year, then the American farm is that thing to watch.