7 Best Zero Turn Mower in 2024

All homeowners probably have a lawn in their backyard which requires a lot of care and maintenance. Simple, lawns and gardens require several hours of weekly maintenance to look perfect, which we believe is the goal of anyone who wants a nice and tidy yard. In order to achieve satisfactory results, it is undoubtedly necessary to have quality tools and machines that can nourish all the plants you have, as well as the grass of your lawn. Grass is the plant that may need the most care because it requires multiple mowing each year. However, when the work is done, you can be proud of your extraordinary ability to create own paradise.

However, as we said, a perfect lawn requires great tools and plenty of time to maintain it. But what if there is an opportunity to do the job even better and much faster? Yes, it is possible to mow the lawn much faster with the help of a proper lawnmower. A lot of people use electric or gas-powered ones, however, we have a solution that will significantly improve your gardening hobby. We mean of buying a zero-turn or also called a riding mower.

We know that these machines are much more expensive, but a perfect lawn and a beautiful garden are priceless, just like your time is. Another advantage of these machines is that all the time you work, you actually sit and you will almost never get tired. For this reason, we have decided to create the following list of top 7 best zero turn mowers that you can currently find on the market. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

7. Swisher ZTR2454KA

source: amazon.com

As we said, these machines will allow you to work quickly. In addition, they are more reliable than, for example, electrical ones. Well, reliability and speed are exactly the features of the Swisher ZTR2454KA zero turn mower. Simply, the materials used in the construction of this mower are selected to make the machine that can last for a long time. However, that’s not all because the Swisher ZTR2454KA is extremely easy to operate. As for the engine, it’s powered by a Briggs & Stratton unit that has 24 horsepower. Also, the cutting path is more than twice larger than with standard push mowers, more precisely 54 inches, which means very fast mowing. As for the price, this product is not cheap at all, but it will provide you with an incredible quality lawn. You can currently find it on Amazon for about $5600.

6. Ariens Zoom 50 Kohler 6000 Series

source: ariens.com

Another great riding mower comes to us from Ariens, and this is their Zoom 50 Kohler. This machine has a significantly more affordable price than the previous model on the list and is currently available on Amazon for about $2,800. The Zoom 50 is a mower that has 21 horsepower Kohler 6600 V-Twin engine. The number ’50’ in the name indicates a cutting path width of as much as 50 inches. As for the capacity of the fuel tank, it has 2.8 gallons. We also need to emphasize that you can adjust the cutting height in the range of 1.5 “to 4.5”. All these great features will provide you with really quickly done the job without getting tired. All in all, we can conclude that this is also a quality machine, but that it has a significantly more affordable price.

5. Husqvarna MZ61

source: husqvarna.com

When it comes to quality and reliability, the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna is among the best on the market, not only in the segment of various lawnmowers but also in the case of other yard maintenance tools. Their Husqvarna MZ61 zero-turn mower doesn’t deviate from this rule.

This machine is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine that has 27 horsepower. It is the most powerful power unit of all lawnmowers on our list so far, and we must add that the MZ61 is truly reliable when it comes to hours of operation and can withstand loads of large lawns without any problems. Interestingly, the engine is fully adapted for such operating conditions and won’t consume too much fuel. The number ’61’ in the name indicates that the maximum width of the cutting path is incredible 61 inches, which is also by far the highest number compared to other machines. When it comes to price, you can order the Husqvarna MZ61 on Amazon for $4900.

4. Troy-Bilt Mustang 25HP

source: amazon.com

Another very reliable riding mower is the Troy-Bilt Mustang 25HP. Like many on our list, this one also has a Briggs & Stratton engine built-in, which is one of the highest quality and most reliable power units on the market. As for power, it has an excellent 25 horsepower that will seamlessly provide hours of mowing and gardening.

One of the most interesting things is the ‘Power Take Off’ technology that will allow you to start or stop the machine in a very short period of time. When it comes to cutting paths, the Troy-Bilt Mustang will be able to provide a maximum of 54 inches of width. Lastly, we would add that the capacity of the fuel tank is 2.8 gallons. If you think this zero turn lawn mower is perfect for you, you can find it on Amazon for about $3,390.

3. Ariens IKON-X

source: homedepot.com

We previously talked about Ariens as a high-quality manufacturer of zero-turn mowers. Ariens IKON-X is now one of their quality products. It is a device with a fantastic ergonomic design that will ensure smooth operation without any fatigue. Simply, designers have paid a lot of attention to the comfort of the seat, which is the main point of this type of mower. It has a 23 horsepower Kawasaki engine inside which is also very efficient. So, in addition to time, you will also save money on buying fuel. The width of the cutting path is 52 inches, while the capacity of the fuel tank is 2.8 gallons. The current price of the Ariens IKON-X zero turn mower is about $3100 on Amazon.

2. Swisher ZTR2454BS

source: swisherinc.com

Another riding mower that comes from Swisher is the ZTR2454BS. This one has a 24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine. As with all other machines on our list, this one uses only the highest quality materials to ensure durability and quality work. Other things that will greatly affect your work efficiency are the volume of the fuel tank of 8 gallons and the foot assisted deck lift. Thanks to the large volume, you won’t have to stop mowing even though you have a very large lawn, and with the foot assisted deck lift, you’ll be able to regularly and easily sharpen the blades built into the Swisher ZTR2454BS. As far as width is concerned, this zero turn device will provide a maximum of 54 inches of cutting path. You can assume that the price is as high as with the previous Swisher machine, and for this one, you will have to pay $4900. This is a high price, but the quality is too.

1. Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower

source: husqvarna.com

Last but not least on our list is the Husqvarna Z254. This is definitely the best of the best zero turn mowers currently available on the market with a fantastic 21 horsepower Kawasaki engine that will provide cutting-edge quality, fast and efficient lawn mowing. In addition, the tank has 3.5 gallons of capacity, which is quite sufficient for average-sized lawns. Air Induction Mowing Technology is another very useful thing that will give you even more efficient cutting. Of course, we mustn’t forget the excellent ergonomic design that will ensure that you do not even get tired. For the end, the price of the Husqvarna Z254 is just under $2800 which makes it the most affordable but also the best choice overall.