Why You Might Want To Consider Building A Shed Home

The tiny house movement has taken the world by storm. If you want to live in your own tiny house, then a livable shed could be the ideal living situation for you.

With a shift towards tiny houses worldwide, you can easily construct a shed house that meets all your comfort needs.

Read on to find out more information on building a shed home, and a few reasons why it would be an excellent idea for you and your family, or you can also check Fair Dinkum Builds.

Shed living is cost-effective

Building a shed home is affordable, especially if you use a shed kit. A traditional house can cost you several hundred thousand dollars to build, whereas shed homes cost as little as AUD $14,000 each.

You will also skip out on years of mortgage payments or rent if you build your own shed home.

You can either DIY the entire shed house yourself, which will save money because you are avoiding expensive labour costs, or you can get some friends with basic building experience involved for a low-cost alternative.

Generally, tiny homes use less electricity, cutting back on utility costs. If you want, you can go completely off-grid with your shed home, which means you won’t have to pay council bills.

Quick to build

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Because of their compact size, smaller shed homes do not take a lot of time to construct, especially if you use shed kits or purchase prefab quality sheds.

Building a shed home will not take up all of your time, the way a typical house would. You can work on your shed house on weekends or after work.

If you want to own your own house without having to take off work, then a tiny shed home is the perfect solution. Your house can be ready in just a couple of weeks, which is a breeze when compared to the months it takes to build a brick-and-mortar house.

Does not require construction skills

Naturally, you would need a basic understanding of DIY if you plan on building a decent-size shed, however, you do not have to be a professional builder with a broad range of construction experience and skills.

There is a lot of information available online that will help you do it yourself. Doing some research and practicing some basic woodworking techniques would be a great idea to get started.

Once you are comfortable with the basic skill set required, you can start working on your new forever home. Also, we have to mention that you can have freedom when constructing since these tiny houses provides a lot of flexibility in terms of size and design.

Even if you don’t have any previous experience, there are some basic models that you can easily construct with the help of few friends.

Fewer legal hoops to jump through

Any homeowner can tell you the headaches of taxes, bills, building permits or even just the stress of paying monthly rent.

Most tiny shed homes have the practical benefits of not needing a lot of maintenance or upfront planning permission (if you have a mobile shed).

Since property taxes are calculated according to the value of the home, you can also expect to pay fewer taxes as a shed has a lower value than a suburban home.

Besides that, it is much easier to get a building permissions, and there is also a chance that you will get one even in areas where typical homes and other structures are not allowed.

More than just a storage shed

When you think of a shed, you probably think of just a place to store garden tools. Even if you do have a traditional home in the suburbs, you can benefit from building a shed house in your backyard if you have the space available.

An additional shed house on your property can give guests a small space to call their own when they stay over, even if it is just a small additional guest room without other amenities.

It is a great living-space addition if you furnish it with comfortable furniture, and will provide getaway space for your family if the house is feeling cramped.

It became very popular for people to look for properties in rural areas. If you want to buy one as well, building a shed house on that land is the cheapest and easiest way to create a space where you can go over the weekend to have a rest or hang out with friends and family.

Shed homes can be moved around

If you so wish, you can build your shed home on a trailer with wheels, which means it can be moved around as you please.

If you plan on building a mobile home, make sure that your storage spaces are secure so that you do not lose crockery or valuable items when you decide to relocate your home.

On the other hand, even if you want to remove it from one spot and place it to another one, moving it is possible even if it is not portable. That is especially the case with basic models that you can easily disassemble.

Better for the environment

Shed houses have lower carbon footprints than traditional houses. Not only do they require fewer building materials, but they often make use of wood and other renewable materials.

Shed homes are small and generally use less electricity and water. These homes can also be completely off the grid, which will be beneficial to the environment.

You can build a structure that is energy-efficient by using wood, which means that heating won’t be a problem. In that matter, choosing this option in a rural area or a property that you have in nature near some lake or a mountain is a perfect solution.

Perfect for a Vacation

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Hiking, mountaineering, and spending more time in nature are very popular trends in recent years. A lot of people prefer camping so they can go to various places. However, building a shed house in some rural areas brings convenience and other advantages when compared to classic camping adventures.

First of all, you won’t need to bring a lot of stuff every time you are planning to take a break in nature. Even if there is no way to connect the house to the electric system, you can resolve that by installing the generator. Therefore, you can keep some appliances there to make your time more pleasant.

Moreover, you won’t need to plan your next destination anymore and struggle with carrying a lot of stuff. Getting a permission is quite simple as well, and it is rare that people are facing any issues with getting it.

Another thing that we have to mention is that you can have a lot of benefits if you decide to build it in your backyard as well. It will help you to organize your home much better and keep various tools and devices that you don’t use all the time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider building a shed home.

Shed homes allow you to become a homeowner without the expected costs associated with owning a traditional house.

You can decide to live there or only visit it occasionally. In both cases, it will provide you with convenience and comfort.

Also, you can play around with the design as well since choosing some unique appearance is much easier when you are building this tiny construction.

The main benefits of this option are low price, energy efficiency, simplicity, and quick process of building. If you are not sure about the design and size, you can find a lot of examples on the internet.