If you haven’t picked up on anything from our January issue, we have been trying a few new things. One of them is the rollout of our Crop Focus. Every month, we’ll highlight a fruit or vegetable and provide insight into best practices – from seed to harvest. We’ll also feature some of the producers who excel at developing these crops. For instance, you can read about one of California’s largest carrot producers, Grimmway Farms, on page 10.

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When our staff was discussing new ideas and ventures for this year, we wanted to provide the commercial fruit and vegetable grower with the tools and methods to succeed in this industry. This type of commerce is, without a doubt, people-driven. It is human hands that grind in the soil to harvest the produce that feeds a nation.

Undeniably, it is the people – the hard-working professionals that own, manage and work the fields – who have the passion. However, with all the praise they deserve, there is one aspect that we wanted to shine a light on – the crops!

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Let’s face it! It’s the reason why you’re holding this magazine (or digital device). You’re growing a crop. At Growing, our mission is to educate, report and help improve your business of growing fruits and vegetables. And what better way to further that assignment than by making the crops the true focal point of the magazine. Our goal here is to make you a better grower by giving you the opportunity to learn from the leaders, learning institutions and other unique growers about fruits and vegetables – the real rock stars of the industry.

Thank you once again for reading Growing! Cheers!