5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tiny House Living

Tiny living is a housing trend that has taken the world by storm. Growing in popularity since the lifestyle began in the early 2000s, small homes are certainly a consideration if you want to own property. We have compiled all our top reasons why you should consider little house living so you can make an informed choice about your next real estate move.

The permanent downsizing trend has loads of benefits for a homeowner. If you’re considering downsizing, learn how to sell your current property for sale by owner so you can get into your dream tiny home fast.

1. Cold, hard, cash

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Our first (and potentially most important) reason to consider tiny house living is to save money. On average, tiny homes cost significantly less than traditional homes in almost every way. The average cost of a tiny home is between $30,000-and-$60,000, whereas the average standard home cost in the United States in 2024 is around $436,000. This lower sale price allows small homeowners to enjoy more financial freedom.

Tiny homes are also less expensive to maintain than their larger counterparts. Plus, you will save monthly with lower utility and energy costs (remember, less square footage means less space to heat and cool!)

2. Sustainability

Next up on our list of reasons you should consider tiny house living are sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint. Those lower utility bills often also equate to lower pollution for you and your family. Tiny homes offer more sustainability by using fewer materials to build the house.

Plus, with the reduced square footage, you are often less likely to purchase items you don’t need. Reducing clutter can also help improve your mental health overall, and owning fewer items helps lower your impact on our environment.

3. Mentally minimal

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Tiny living doesn’t only save you money and help save our environment; it can also help improve your mental health! It’s been shown that a minimalist lifestyle can help reduce stress and allow you to find more time for yourself. Living more minimally has also been proven to aid in balancing cortisol levels (that pesky hormone that tells our body to stress and feel anxious).

4. Low maintenance

Another benefit of tiny house living is lower maintenance overall. The smaller footprint ensures you’ll save time cleaning, tidying, and maintaining your home! If that doesn’t sound like a positive lifestyle change, I’m not sure what does!

5. One with nature

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Our final reason you should consider tiny home living is to become more one with nature. Your home may have a limited amount of extra space for indoor entertainment or activities, but that forces you to spend more time outdoors.

The tiny home lifestyle drives owners outside, which is part of the charm! Studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps reduce stress and cortisol levels, muscle tension, and lower heart rates. All of which lower your risk for cardiovascular disease for a truly happier and healthier you.