Are Crab Apple Trees Really That Special? – 2024 Guide

There are about six common varieties of apple trees that can be found in the UK. Some are known for having a mild flavor that borders between sweet and tangy. The others might be known for their soft structure or their crisp bite. You can choose different types and this depends on what you need. For instance, if you are looking for an apple that has a softer structure to it, the Cox variety might be the best for you. But if you want a tasty but also decorative tree you go with Crab Apple.

One thing that you will quickly learn when looking into fruit trees is that there are many, many different kinds. Apples are one of the most common fruits around the world, and because of that, there are thousands of different species that you can choose from. While some will be incredibly similar to each other, there will also be the ones that stand out from the crowd. Take crab apple trees as an example. These trees stand out in a crowd both in appearance and in the quality of the fruit as well. If you are looking for a unique type to grow in your yard, a crab apple tree might be one of the best to choose from. On top of that, these are extremely beginner-friendly and forgiving.

What is it?

Factually speaking, crab apples and their trees are closely related to your standard orchard kind that most people have seen. The fruit itself is a bit smaller than standard and it may not be as uniform in color as the ones in the store are, but they taste just as good as any other orchard apple that you can find. In a sense, they can be considered a decorative variety of fruit-bearing trees. Sure, the fruits are certainly decent, but there are better trees out there for specific flavors. Instead, these trees will put forth gorgeous blossoms that cover the branches in a beautiful way. As the seasons change, those blossoms will turn into stark red and yellow that contrast nicely against the bright green leaves of the tree. Such trees are often considered the pinnacle of beauty. Their apples can be used perfectly fine in most recipes as well, meaning that the fruit they bear isn’t a complete waste. To make them even more appealing, they tend to be smaller and more forgiving than a standard tree, making them even better for beginner gardeners.

Where Can You Get Crab Apple Trees?

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Now that you know more about these trees, there’s a good chance that you will want to try out planting the ones yourself. These can be a little bit troublesome to find, as they are incredibly popular. Because of this, many people will resort to purchasing them online, so that there isn’t as much to worry about in terms of stock.

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How Are Crab Apple Trees Different from Normal?

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Among the thousands of different species that you will come across when figuring out what you want to plant in your garden, you will surely come across more than a few different species that seem to be almost entirely identical aside from a few similarly worded descriptions on flavor. However, even if there are some species that are incredibly similar to each other, there are some that can really grab your attention. Crab apples are a great example. While the name alone might not lend much to the imagination, they have quite a few differences from your standard type.

There are quite a few differences between your orchard tree and the trees that produce crab apples. A good way to quickly summarise the differences is to keep in mind that crab apple trees are commonly thought of as the decorative variant. They tend to have more blossoms that are larger and have more vibrant colors to them, while the apples themselves are known for having a sharp color too. These trees can make a statement on your property for years to come. While there is a lot of priority focused on the appearance, the apples themselves are still good to eat, and many people find them enjoyable. They are better used in other recipes though, as there are other apples with more specialized flavors to try. Crab apple trees, especially when they are meant as a decorative part of the property, are also geared more toward beginner gardeners. They are smaller, making them easier to manage from the start, and they are easily forgiving of errors that beginner gardeners will make.

Find the one for your yard

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Now that you know more about what these trees can bring to your property and your garden’s overall appearance, you might also begin to wonder where you will be able to find one of these trees for sale. Because of their popularity, they tend to be easier to find on online nursery centers so we will leave this search to you.


We’ve shown you what crab apple trees are like and also where you can find them. They can be a beautiful addition to your yard or garden, and you can use the fruits for cakes and other sweets. Although not the best sort to ear, these apples look amazing and they are often purchased for decoration. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can not eat a couple as you pick fruits for home use.