Decorate Your Garden With Flower Pots: 10 Inspiring Ways – 2024 Guide

Are you tired of constantly having to clean your garden? Do you feel tired by constantly having to take care of all the annoying herbs that pop up in your garden? Even though flowers can sometimes be beneficial for a vegetable garden, there are still ways of dealing with them and having a beautiful garden at the same time.

There are various ways for you to decorate your garden with flowers and not having to decimate them. You can use old stuff from your tool shed to do so and kill two birds with one stone. We got the idea from a friend from who told us some inspiring ways how to decorate a garden with flowers and not having to disturb the vegetables themselves. Here is what we came up with:

1. Form a Fairy Garden

Make your very own fairy garden. You don’t really need a lot, just a flower pot and some flowers. Add some other props so everything looks like it came from a fairy tale. You can add some pebbles, make a small house or add anything that you like. You can leave it standing on a garden table or the window sill.

2. Ladder Plants

Ladder Plants

Make a very interesting decoration for your garden using an old ladder. If you have one just laying in the tool shed, get it out, refurbish it and repaint it and decorate it with flower pots. You can put a flower pot on each step of the ladder and put it in a fitting place in your garden. You can even repaint the ladder to match the pots and the surrounding you are putting it in.

3. Vertical Planter

A vertical planter is a great way to save on space. It is easy to make and you can simply do it by yourself. You just need a board that you need to place vertically and some flowers pots that you can fix to it. You can make it as big as you want and you can add as many flower pots as you can. It is a great outdoor decoration that can also shield your garden from prying eyes.

4. Flower Pots on a Pallet

If you have an old pallet lying around or if you can easily get your hands on one, you can then make a decoration which features some pots on a pallet. After you get your pallet put it vertically and fix some flower pots to it. You can decorate as you wish but make sure to spread the pots away from each other so flowers can grow. You can even plant some essential herbs there and have them at your disposal very fast.

5. Decorative Shutters


You can decorate your window shutters with flowers. Open up the shutters towards the outside and put some flowers like succulents and let them grow between. If you are using succulents or mosses put them on the shaded side of your house so they live longer. It is a great decoration which adds more shade in hot periods and looks great at the same time.

6. Initial Planters

Initial planers are a very fun way to decorate your garden. You essentially add your initials or spell anything that you like and plant some flowers there. It is fairly easy to make and you can do it by using old cardboard. Add some dirt and plant your flowers inside. Spell your name or whatever you like to add to the exquisiteness of your front yard.

7. Pocket Plants

Find an old shoe organizer or that thing that you keep in your bathroom to store bathroom utensils and repurpose as a garden decoration. A piece of cloth also serves well and you can hang it wherever you wish. Put some dirt inside and plant some flowers and they will grow and provide a beautiful decoration to a wall or wherever you decide to put them on.

8. Birdbath Planter

If you have a birdbath in front of your house, then you probably know that it doesn’t have a particular purpose. It does not provide anything special to your home except gathering moisture. So turn it into a planter for your flowers. Transform that ugly old thing into an aesthetic accessory for your garden by planting some flowers there. It even works on its own and you don’t really have to take care of the flowers so much.

Mismatched Pots

9. Mismatched Pots

Decorate your garden by using mismatched pots. You can liven things up not just by using different kinds of flowers but also different types of pots. You can plant flowers in various pots of different shapes and sizes. The more different the better and the more contrast you will have to make your garden look very interesting.

10. Parallel Planters

Decorate the driveway in front of your house with parallel planters. Use bigger planters and planter already grown plants there. You don’t have to plant those that take a whole lot to grow just use the already made ones. Put identical planters one beside each other and use it as a great form of decoration for the front part of the house.