6 Things to Know About Durban Poison Vape Effects – 2024 Guide

Have you ever thought about the ideal ways to boost your creativity, get rid of social anxiety, and improve your mood? Yes, this is all possible and no, it does not involve alcohol but something far healthier and better. Today we are going to talk about the Durban poison. Durban is a popular plant and the substance derived from it can facilitate your daily activities in a safe way, consumed by direct smoking.

In fact, Durban poison is a type of marijuana and the well-known and beneficial CBD can be extracted from it. Today we are going to talk about its benefits but if you are interested to learn about the extraction process in particular, feel free to visit trythecbd.com. Durban poison’s properties can seriously pamper you, but it is normally diluted, so it does not react excessively. Some of the most important benefits of Durban Poison include increased energy, better focus, relieving migraines, and nausea.

But what are the origins of Durban Poison? In the late 1970s, the American grower Ed Rosenthal selectively cultivated several plants from seeds he brought from South Africa to the United States. Later, Rosenthal handed some major specimens to a fellow breeder Mel Frank, who manipulated genetics to optimize resin content and timing but also flowering of the plant. Today, Durban venom buds differ in size, from medium to large ones. Although they have a dense, compact structure, their main characteristic is a long and narrow shape.

Durban Poison gives off a sweet scent mixed with the scent of moisture. Burning this dried plant produces thick smoke that can be inhaled. The sweet aroma is felt on exhalation, along with the taste of sweet pine juice. It’s not surprising that Durban Poison impresses many enthusiastic consumers. If you have already consumed it, you probably know that it can cause a sense of disorientation, however, consuming it in a safe environment can help to avoid negative effects. Here are a few things we want you to know about the Durban Poison:

1. It encourages creativity

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As we mentioned earlier, Durban poison can be especially useful for creative endeavors – it provides a great way to contemplate an artwork from a new perspective or enjoy a good movie. Remember all those stories about famous artists who find inspiration in new and unusual things? This is exactly what Durban poison can help you with, and the main thing to mention is that it does not negatively affect your overall health! There are people who do some kind of art and might want to seek for inspiration in usual places. For those who are not overly creative, Durban poison can help them get rid of barriers and limitations.

2. It is an excellent anxiolytic and maintains attention

Durban Poison can also be an excellent anxiolytic. It helps users feel chatty and comfortable in society. Is this what you are looking for? Then look no further and visit vapenterps. Durban poison is also available as a liquid gel (vape) used for inhalation, which is different from ordinary smoking because it is less concentrated but gives the same good effects, especially if you are constantly distracted, depressed, or anxious. If you have ever felt social anxiety, then you know what kind of challenge it is. Durban poison can also help those with attention disorder to maintain a deep, intense focus. Remember all those situations in which you did not know what to do first and it was very difficult to concentrate? Yes, all of us busy people living dynamic lives have gone through such scenarios when life seemed overwhelming. Durban poison vape can definitely help you with all those things.

3. It helps with certain diseases too

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Although many believe that the use of this plant is debatable, considering its basic components, it can be considered one of the most curative for certain diseases. Many patients who have problems with chronic pain have positive experiences. However, of course, before consuming, make sure you are well informed and consult your doctor.

4. Negative sides

Since everything that heals can have negative properties, Durban Poison can also have some unwanted side effects. It can negatively affect your driving mood, making you feel insecure or nervous. It can also lead to a feeling of panic – some smokers have felt paranoid or out of control when consuming this vape. Durban poison is definitely more suitable for daytime than nighttime use and its effect usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours. A “pure” Sativa, Durban Poison’s THC content averages between 16-25%. CBD content, however, is notably low, rarely exceeding 0.02%. Durban Poison is also one of the most popular strains for crossbreeding and creating new strains.

5. Higher dose of THC

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Some tests have shown that the THC content in Durban poison ranges from 17% to 26%. That THC level is a little high though. In other words, there is no way to consume it without the possible side effects it can have for your mood. On the funny side, you would probably laugh a little more than usual, so it would be good to use it when you do not plan to leave the house. However, this level of THC indicates that the properties of the plant did not change with extraction.

6. Aroma

As we mentioned above, the taste is a bit earthy and astringent, but also sweet. This is the case at least when it comes to smoking a dried plant. However, the smell is quite pleasant. As for the color, you could expect to experience the usual color of Sativa, with bright green buds and orange fruits that will rise when the leaves are smoked. When it comes to vape, the inhaled color of the liquid is mostly yellow or brown.

We hope you got to know the Durban poison a little better with our short guide. Finally, you should always accept all the responsibilities which come with the consumption of this product. Learn everything about it, use it moderately, and have lots of fun!