How Long Does It Take An Exterminator To Get Rid Of Mice?

Protecting your home, business space, or any other type of property is prevalent and it comes in many different ways. For starters, you need to invest in security and equip it with stronger locks and cameras. These days, such security features are no longer as expensive and evasive as before and everyone has them. Having an alarm is also a good idea, and some reinforced glass or metal bars over the windows on the ground floor. These are all examples of basic security but that is not the only way how you make sure that things are safe and protected. There is a lot more that should do. It is much more hands-on than installing security features and it needs to happen every week or so.

Keeping Things in Check


Since you are in some way in charge of the whole thing, you also have to think about how clean it is and how well everything is maintained. Cleaning and maintenance can prevent so many other problems that typically arise in homes, offices, and in and around the supporting facilities. Vacuuming, dusting, washing the floors and windows and taking care of the furniture are all crucial and they need to be done regularly. Otherwise, you are risking unwanted guests in the form of bugs, mostly ants and roaches. However, you may also unintentionally invite some mice to the party. Rodents like mice are a huge hazard for any type of space, particularly one where there is a lot of traffic and where numerous people are supposed to be productive or relaxed.

Doing Something About It


Nobody likes seeing mice around, they have no place in our living quarters or office spaces. Sure, the cleanliness and maintenance of places does not have to be the cause of it as they can sometimes invade anyway. Whatever the reason for their showing up, there is only one thing you can do to get rid of them. Forget traps, poison, and other solutions you heard and think you can do it effectively on your own. The only thing you should think about doing is calling the professionals, the exterminators. In this article we talk about these experts whose services include ridding your space of mice. Read along to find out how long it takes Rodent Control to get rid of the mice and be sure to check out for more info.

How to Tell You Have Mice


Before we move on to the timeline of the exterminator and how long they will be coming around to do their craft, we first have to make sure that you actually have mice. There are many calls and reports of people thinking they have a mice problem when it is something else, a single larger animal or something else entirely. Even spotting a single mouse does not have to mean you have a mice problem. While they are highly social and live in large groups, it could just be one passing by. There are however signs that point to the obvious mice infestation and they are often easy to spot.

First of all, you will start seeing their droppings that are usually anywhere from an eighth of an inch to half an inch. You should be able to hear scratching sounds in the walls as well as scurrying sounds in the rooms. Mice usually make nests in tight areas like under or behind furniture. They use paper and various insulation materials. If you are spotting chew marks on food items, wires, and wood and do not own a pet, it is probably mice. There will be small footprints in dusty areas and worst of all, musty odors that comes from mouse urine. If it just so happens that you notice a few of these signs, you definitely have mice and the need for exterminators is real.

How Long Does It Take?


When you realize that you have mice in your home, there will have already be too many of them to handle quickly. You can never know exactly how many of them there are nor what kind they are. They can be house mice, deer mice, or white footed mice. Also, it is impossible to know where they came from immediately. The exterminators will start doing their thing by applying the necessary solutions like traps, sealing potential entry and exit points, and checking all the usual areas the mice like to occupy. This will deal with the ones that are caught out in the open within a week or so, but this is not enough, not by a long shot.

In most cases, the exterminators will be coming back to your place anywhere from 1 to 3 months, depending on multiple factors. The size of the space is a big deal, how dug in the mice are, how much time the exterminators can stay during a single visit, and how effective their methods. You can help them by not leaving dishes and food items around, vacuuming and otherwise cleaning more thoroughly and frequently, and closing all the holes and openings just in case. For anywhere between 30 and 90 days your home or office space can be regularly visited by exterminators. They need to check their traps, track progress, and attempt to catch the mice that would lead them to the nests. They also use baits so you will probably see a mouse or two more than you planned to see.

Exterminators know their jobs well and they also know that people do not like having rodents in their home. Most companies have been around for a long time and they know how mice think, they have the latest equipment and tools, and they will realize what the problem is from day one. Trust their judgment, play along, and allow them some extra freedom if you want the mice issue to be over as soon as possible. The 90-day mark is the longest possible outcome, but it rarely happens, as you are far more likely to only host the exterminators for about 5 weeks.