Flower Bed Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden – 2024 Guide

Give your front yard more personality by creating interesting flower beds! Most people think that flower beds in your yard have gone out of fashion. Most people connect them with country cottages or with something your grandma might be interested in. They couldn’t be far from the truth. In fact, creating a fashionable flower bed is a great way to spruce up your garden and make it a lot more interesting.

At first, I thought that rearranging your flower bed is a boring thing to do. But then I had a talk with a guy from flowersbypostuk.com and he gave me some wonderful new ideas. It actually helped me with my own research in creating new flower bed ideas.

I soon found out other ways of making them and managed to decorate both my front and back yard to perfection. The only thing that you need is inspiration and creativity. Here are my ideas of sprucing up your flower beds to help you get started.

Perennial Summer Flower Bed

Perennial Summer Flower Bed
source: HGTV.com

Planting perennials is often a very good idea for a garden. After you plant them, the blooms will last for the entire summer and then come back again the following season. So I suggest trying out a flower bed with a serpentine border and mixing things up with colorful perennial flowers.

I suggest planning begonias, primarily pink ones in the middle and smaller white ones towards the edge. To make things more interesting you can add some taller plants and herbs somewhere in between. I suggest using barberries, daylilies and orange canna lilies.

Small Side Yard Flower Bed

Side yard parts should not be neglected and can provide added fun for your household if after you design them to look great. You can make a modest foundation bed to go around and plant bizzy lizzies in a flower box that goes around the edge of the house.

To make things look better and to contrast the pink color you can add some deep green hosta lilies. If you are wondering why to add hosta lilies that are mostly recognized for their foliage, you should know that they also sprout violet, lavender-like flowers which are just what you need to introduce more fun to the design of your flower bed.

Tree Base Flower Bed

If you have trees planted in front of your house, it is a perfect way for you to make a flower bed around it. You only need some cobblestones so you make a border around the tree and mark the flower bed.

Once you establish a circle around the base of the tree fill the flower bed with gardening soil and plant some colorful flowers. I suggest using pinks, coleus and Bizzy Lizzies for an added variety of colorfulness. Finally, finish it off by planting veronicas around in order to add more texture and to break off the colorfulness.

Tree Stump Flower Bed

Source: thisoldhouse.com

If you are having trouble with an old tree stump, you can repurpose it and make a flower bed out of it. Old tree stumps are very hard to dig out and can often cause a lot of problems. But if you turn them into something useful you will not have to deal with all the hassle that comes with getting rid of one.

A great idea is to plant some pelargonium into the very center and surround it with orange and gold nasturtium. In order to balance things out, you can also plant some pelargonium, bellflowers and ornamental grass around the base of the stump and make it even more beautiful.

Different Shapes of Flower Beds

You can make a flower bed shaped into whatever you want it to be. For instance, you can make a flower bed shaped like a flower. It looks beautiful and really brings out your flower garden.

I suggest using pink begonias for the petals, forget-me-nots for the center, Hacquetia for the stem. You can also add some blue spring gentian to accent the flower even more. But make sure to trim the plants regularly in order to keep the flower shape.

Hollow Log Flower Bed

An old hollow log can actually make a great, rustic looking flower bed. If you have recently cut down and old tree, don’t throw the log away. Use it as a flower bed. Just cut the middle part out and fill it with some gardening soil.

After you prepare your log for planning you can add whichever colorful flowers you want. I suggest using pink and blue daffodils, white phlox, red gerbera daisies and blue irises. Some of these flowers have sword-shaped green leaves which contrast the colorful nature of the other.

A Raised Block Flower Bed

A Raised Block Flower Bed
source: pinterest

Make a raised bed out of pre-cut blocks. The advantage of making one of this is that you can shape the bed in whatever way you wish and that it also makes it easier for gardening and keeping.

You can plant whatever flowers and herbs you want in it. But I suggest going with some ornamental grasses like asters, turf lily, thrift and chrysanthemums. You can even add a small ornamental tree as well. You can even add vegetables if you wish. Spice things up with a small statue of a gnome or whatever you have close to hand.

Clay Pot Flower Bed

The best way to keep flowers is still planting them in clay pots. But if you really want to plant them in your garden, you can bury the clay pots half into the ground. Surround everything with gravel or pebbles and you get a magnificent decoration for you yard.

Tulips are always the best choice to go as they are colorful and are better grown in pots than directly from the ground. But daffodils can work as well as they are also colorful and add joy to your garden.