Get Your Garden Looking Perfect On A Budget in 2024

Your backyard and garden are where you’ll be doing most of your entertaining as a homeowner, so why not bring some extra life into it with these budget-friendly garden ideas! A colorful and beautiful garden will encourage you and your family to get out of the house for a bit and just take in a bit of nature and provide a perfect place to bond and relax with them.

Do Some Basic Upkeep

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Sometimes the simplest way to get your garden looking great again is to just do some upkeep. Grab a trowel and get your hands dirty by pulling out the weeds with the family as a bonding experience. Grab the mower and trim that grass and those garden shears to clip those overgrown bushes. Clearing up the mess gives you extra space to work with and can give you ideas on things to add to your garden as well.

Restrain your deck

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Getting your deck nice and prettied up is the first step to a beautiful garden. Your guests will be standing here first so you’ll want to impress. With the proper choice of stain, you can bring out the beautiful wood grain, or make a bold statement.

Pretty up your fence

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Here’s a nice project you can do with the kids. Recreate Tom Sawyer and have them repaint the fence with (or for) you. Sometimes, a new coat of paint is all you need to bring some color and life back into your garden. If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not paint a mural on your fence? It can be a great conversation starter the next time you have guests over.

Work on some patio furniture

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That little patio table and those lounge chairs have probably taken a beating over the years. Give them a new lease on life by repairing them and giving them a new coat of paint! You can find older pieces in consignment stores to restore and provide a new addition to your deck or garden as well.

Find an accent piece

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Add a centerpiece to your garden. A nice little statue or a fountain will work perfectly! You can build the rest of your garden around it as well. Speak to a landscape company if you want to really go all out and impress the neighbors. To see some good designs check

Install some mood lighting

Purchase some fairy lights or a few solar lamps online and put them along your deck or around a tree, these lighting accents illuminate the night and give you the perfect excuse to step outside during the evenings to enjoy the cool night air.

Grow some food (We suggest lemongrass)

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Sustainability is big these days! Save a bit of money on groceries by setting aside a part of your garden to grow some herbs and vegetables! These will add some vibrant colors to your garden, plus provide you with some extra produce. We suggest lemongrass for its various applications in Asian cuisine and the fact that it serves as a good all-natural mosquito repellant.