How To Give Your Kitchen A Fresh New Start In 5 Steps

You might think your living room is where you’re always sitting around, but you probably spend more time in the kitchen, where you’re not only cooking but also socializing and hanging out with your family and friends.

But sometimes it might get boring to return to the same old room, so you think about renovating it. Well, starting this journey on your own would be a good idea. It’s not as difficult as it seems, so if you’ve decided you’re ready to make the change, here are five easy steps to give your kitchen a fresh start.

1. Deep clean


What’s the best thing to do when changing your whole kitchen than a deep-cleaning session? Well, you know that in this room, mold and dirt can form almost anywhere, and if you’re not taking care of this issue in the early stage, you might experience some health issues. This step is important, especially if you’re always feeling weird odors in the room, even if you’re cleaning the kitchen every day.

You could start by cleaning the walls, ceiling fan and countertops. Don’t forget about the garbage can, deep clean the microwave and stove, as well as take the steps needed to prevent moisture and dampness in your pantry. Finally, sweep and mop the floors with more concentrated cleaning solutions.

2. Get new cabinets


You might think that cabinets don’t need changes, but you’d be surprised to find out how much of a difference can make a cabinet that fits the room’s aesthetic. Whether you can replace the cabinets entirely, only the doors or just repaint everything, you can get the desired result if you’re making calculated choices.

Depending on your initial redecorating plan, you can decide if it’s better to get some cheap kitchen units and save some money or ask for an architect’s opinion about what you want to do. But rest assured, you can make the most out of cheaper options if you follow a pattern and are consistent with accessories and colors.

Therefore, what you should do is choose your units according to the way your kitchen should be.

According to, handle less high gloss units with white or grey tones should be perfect if you want a modern look. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a traditional design, choose solid wood units in darker shades. We know it might be hard to decide which one is better, but try to imagine yourself in that new kitchen: what’s the first thing you can say when entering the room? Will it be cozy or modern?

3. Change the backsplash


A kitchen backlash is a huge improvement, as it saves you time to clean, and you won’t have to worry about the walls becoming dirty. Although it’s the most underrated thing in the kitchen, you won’t lose anything if you add some changes to it.

First, it’s all about the color. Create contrast between the cabinets and backlash, and you’ll be surprised at how good it looks. You can try the classic combination of white cabinets and blue tiles, but it’s no harm if you try bolder colors, like red, green or yellow. Then, you can be even more creative and add different tile textures, like natural stone designs with a matte, satin look.

Finally, don’t be afraid and experiment with tiles you’ve considered too bold and pretentious for your kitchen, for example:

  • Mosaics
  • Mirrored tiles (they’re great for smaller kitchens, as it gives the feeling of light and space)
  • Different geometric shapes (hexagon, chevron)

To add the final touch, consider installing LEDs under the cabinets, so you’ll have even more light in the kitchen. Depending on the color chosen for your kitchen, if you want to make it cozier and more comfortable, install warmer lights, and for a modern feeling, cooler LEDs should do the job.

4. Kitchen wall ideas


For a major change in your kitchen, consider repainting the walls or remodeling them to offer a bright new look. As for the paint, choose something that goes along with your personality, but also take into consideration functionality. If you want to ensure easy-to-clean walls, choose white, which will also light up the room and make it look spacious. But if you want to give off the vibes on Dita Von Teese and choose maximalism, go for bold colors (red, violet, emerald green).

Another option for your walls is to stick wallpapers to your walls (or even a feature wall). It’s cost-effective, and you have plenty of designs to choose from that will match the rest of the kitchen. Additionally, if you think the walls would still be empty, try looking for statement wall art to add bold accent colors in the kitchen. You can have one wall you could use for these experiments and then extend to the rest of the room to see how that works out.

Ultimately, use the free space and your walls to help organize your kitchen. You could fill your wall with open shelving or add wood paneling over the sink.

5. Add decorations


Here comes the fun part, the accessories! The good thing here is that you can’t make any mistakes that you can’t correct because you can put them down anytime if you change your mind. As we discussed previously, it’s better to experiment and find out what you would like to add to your kitchen because there are so many decorations to add that it’s difficult to choose only a few.

So, starting with the walls. If you still have some space to spare, you can mount plates to display, but not any plates. If you want to find interesting pieces, you could go thrifting to search for old, big plates with interesting drawings. Other suggestions include:

  • Changing the curtains
  • Having potted plants
  • Add rugs with beautiful patterns
  • Include more light fixtures

In conclusion, you could change your kitchen if you get a little bit creative. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, as there are always cheaper solutions to almost anything to get the desired result.