7 Tips for Growing CBD Plants and Making Vape Juice

The CBD industry is growing every day and it’s getting bigger and bigger since nowadays they are offering a wide array of products for everyone. Some of the licensed manufacturers and stores are selling flowers and dried plants, others have cigarettes that include carefully chosen leaves, but also you can find different oils, balms, cosmetics, edibles, and of course, vaping juice.

As you can see on vapingvibe.com, there are a lot of vape pens, which means you can use CBD liquids for this purpose. Keep in mind that there are pre-made juices, but also, many people are making their own, following some recipes.

In order to make such a liquid yourself, you need to dedicate yourself to growing the cannabis plant or have a trusted supplier who will provide you with quality leaves and stems from which you can extract oils, which you will then use in juice.

Before proceeding, we would like to warn you that the following content is for adults only and that if you are still a child, you should leave the site or talk to an adult who will explain the various aspects of using CBD products.

Here are some tips for growing CBD plants and making vaping juice out of them:

1. Choose quality seeds

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True growers know that not every seed is of good quality, but it is also difficult to maintain good genetics due to the presence of plant diseases and the intermingling of different stems. But with the help of early leaf testing, you can find out which stems you need to separate to prevent mixing. Ideally, the ratio between THC and CBD in an extractable plant should be 1:20. Furthermore, take proper care so that you can be sure that you will get quality seeds, which you would use in the future if you want to continue growing.

2. Find out what the best home breeding species are

There are several natural but also hybrid species of the cannabis plant, and among the three best that growers recommend for fair use are blue shark, critical cure, and kush. They all contain the right ratio of CBD and THC, making them safe to grow for personal or commercial use. If you want to buy cheap weed seeds of the highest quality to grow cannabis, please get in touch with i49 Cannabis Seeds USA.

3. Easily propagated, but loses quality

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Controlled cultivation of cannabis, or marijuana, helps to grow plants that have the necessary amount of CBD to be extracted later. One of the most useful tricks is not to let the plant multiply too much. Use quality soil, water them regularly, and if necessary, use artificial light sources to get quality leaves. If you allow it to multiply uncontrollably, and this happens very easily, you are actually losing the basic qualities of the plant, that you need – the concentration of CBD, because the soil may not be nutritious enough or there may not be enough water.

4. Learn how to make vape juice

Many people have ruined their vape devices by putting oil directly in the cartridge, which at first glance may not be a bad idea, but in principle, it can ruin your vaping pen. To make this liquid, you need propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which are ingredients in every vaping juice. You do not need to use direct oil, but Isolate on CBD, so you can mix them and get a liquid, not something that looks like butter and burns easily in your device.

5. Necessary instruments for preparing vape juice with CBD in it

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You will need a weighing instrument, clean utensils to mix, fireproof utensils in case you need to heat, small metal spoons, glass bottles, and a dropper. With their help, you will be able to measure everything you need and follow exactly the recipes that you will receive from those who are already making their own liquid. And if you need some of the cbd products you can buy it from your home. You ask yourself how? Just click https://flawlesscbd.co.uk/

6. Follow the recipe

When preparing food it is sometimes important to add the ingredients exactly in the order given in the recipe. So it is with making homemade CBD vaping fluid. Follow all the ingredients and mix them in the correct order as listed. Do not skip steps, especially if this is your first time. The recipe exists to follow and if you do it consistently, your project will be successful from the first attempt.

7. Combine with compatible flavors

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Homemade vape juice can be really sharp, although the taste is natural and authentic. Do not inhale the first withdrawal, so as not to enter the lungs immediately. Many add aromas and flavors depending on personal interests. Suitable flavors are lemon, fruit, and even vanilla or other gourmet flavors, which soften the sharpness of the CBD liquid. Use aromas that are strictly intended to enhance the taste of the vape liquid.

Some practical and useful tips

All these activities are your responsibility. Do not offer others to try your homemade juice unless you decide one day to patent it and get your own production license. All the ingredients you use should be of good quality, so as not to harm your own health.

Consuming CBD products for recreation is the responsibility of the one who does it. No one is to blame for any consequences.

When it comes to CBD vaping, it may be a good idea to use juices that are already ready and have a quality certification.

If you can find the perfect recipe for homemade vape juice, try to make sure you know the correct measures so you can do it again.

Always keep the dishes you use for preparation clean.

Clean and maintain the vaping pen regularly, as DIY liquids can cause sediment which will further destroy the device.


Homemade preparation of vaping juice containing CBD isolates is quite possible if you have the appropriate equipment. Any attempt to cook in ordinary kitchen utensils can end in disaster. Make a small amount first, before making sure the recipe is good. Of course, be very careful and enjoy this vaping option in moderation.

As a grown-up person, you are responsible for your own activities, and CBD vaping is not a joke.