Here are 6 Best String Trimmers in 2024

String trimmers are an amazing mechanical tool to own. Also known as weed eaters, they are an extremely useful garden maintenance tool to have because they allow their owners to perform quick, easy, and precise trimming work in their yards and gardens. Regular lawn mowers are sometimes too big for some hard to reach places, so a quality string trimmer is a lifesaver. There are many different brands and models out there, and if you plan to purchase one soon, we are here for you. In this article, we will go over the best string trimmers you can find in 2024.

1. Black and Decker LST136W


The Black and Decker brand has been making power tools and home maintenance machines since 1910. With a tradition that lasts more than a century, rest assured they know what they are doing. The LST136W string trimmer is among the best and impressive lawn tools in the entire class. This tool was designed for efficient performance and convenient maneuverability. It is a 13” model that runs on a 40-volt MAX lithium-ion battery. It gives you amazing run-time, as well as compatibility with other tools from the MAX series.

The wide 13” cutting swath alongside the Automatic Feed Spool system eliminates the annoying need of bumping the entire machine since it automatically feeds it. This essentially conserves time. The max power is 8500 RPM for thick weeds, and 6500 RPM easier tasks. The latter, of course, conserves battery. The PowerDrive transmission is also present, which provides more cutting force than the competition models. Last but not least, the head of the trimmer is rotatable by 180 degrees and allows tool-free adjustments between cutting and edging jobs.

2. Husqvarna 967055801


Husqvarna is another trusty brand of household machines that have accumulated thousands of devoted customers. Their 967055801 string trimmer is one of the top options you can find on the current markets. It is designed for users who want power, and it is a gas-powered machine that delivers commercial-level performance. A 4-stroke engine powers it, and since it uses straight gas, you do not need to mix oil and fuel.

Furthermore, thanks to the Smart Start engine and starter system and the air purge option, the air from the carburetor is removed, while the fuel system is efficient. This makes the trimmer start quicker and run smoothly. Moving on, there is a flex-drive straight shaft, a bevel gear, and a loop handles present on this Husqvarna machine. All of these are there for the ease of operation and long-lasting performance. Strings of any thickness are compatible, and it can perform both edging and trimming. Overall, it weighs 17 lbs. and it has a solid build.

3. GreenWorks 21212 4


This 4-Amp string trimmer by GreenWorks has a strong place among the best string trimmers, and anyone who is looking for lightweight and affordable corded trimmer should consider this model. The aforementioned motor present inside of this electric string trimmer gives out impressive amounts of power and allows easy tackling of most grassy surfaces rather quickly and with utmost efficiency.

Thanks to a 13-inch cutting diameter, it is great for quick yard work. In addition, the dual-line auto-feed system, meaning you will not have to worry about bumping the line while as you work. Thanks to the quick electric start, it turns on with a simple touch of a button. For convenience, there is an adjustable telescopic shaft for quick adjustments of height, while a convenient cord-lock prevents tangles. Most importantly, this machine is both reliable and easy to use, and since the body only weighs 5.2 lbs., it is among the most lightweight on the market in 2024.



Here is yet another famous brand in the line of home maintenance. This household name stand for durable power tools and accessories, as well as impressive power and performance. The DCST920P1 embodies all of that, as is among the best of the best for a reason. The makers approached it with durability and efficiency in mind, and the results are great. The tool can deal with the toughest grass conditions in record times, while also allowing the user a cordless option. This is because it has a 20-volt MAX 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery inside.

What is more, the brushless motor allows maximum motor efficiency and durability and requires no upkeep or maintenance. All of this is there to make it easy for the customer. Next, the trimmer has a dual 0.080” line with a bump feed, which offers 13” of cutting swath. The variable speed control trigger allows precise power every time, thanks to the High / Low speed-setting switch. With this, you can choose between high-performance, and extended run-time. Last but not least, the trimmer has a patented gear drive that offers more torque while maintaining cutting speed, no matter the condition of the lawn in question. It weighs 14 lbs. and it is ergonomically designed trimmer for the ease of maneuvering.

5. EGO Power+ ST1500-S


The second to last entry on our list for today is by EGO Power+, a leading name I when it comes to outdoor power tools. This 15”, 56-volt string trimmer is an impressive tool that delivers high power and performance, as well as convenience since it is a cordless model. Still, it easily takes on many of the gas-powered competitors without any maintenance needed. The trimmer sports one of the widest cutting swathes out there, a total of 15”. Moreover, the high-efficiency brushless motor uses a strong 56-volt rechargeable battery.

It gives the users outstanding power output and a lot of cutting speed. The bump-feed head allows quick feeding of cutting line, and the 49” extended aluminum shaft will get all of the boring hard to reach spaces. The complete tool is weather-resistant, which makes this model sit among the most durable trimmers out there. The base model is great for those who simply want the trimmer, but there are packages with 56-volt 2.0 Ah and 2.5 Ah battery kits that cost extra.

6. WORX WG160


We finish things off with this WORX WG160 trimmer model, great for anyone who owns a small yard and wants an affordable and compact helper for their lawn. It has a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, is cordless, and allows a great deal of maneuvering around the property without any tangling. The rechargeable battery is compatible with other outdoor power tools by this company, so if you are their fan and own multiple machines, you will really benefit. Speaking of the battery, it charges quickly and delivers impressive power and lengthy run time.

The 12” cutting swath is great for tight areas, while the 100% automatic single-line feed allows optimum efficiency while cutting. The trimmer can also serve you as an edger, function for which is a simple one-touch switch system. For maximum comfort, the front handle is ergonomic, and the whole contraption weighs only 5.7 lbs. Finally, a folding spacer guard will protect the shrubs and bushes from damage potential damage.