6 Best Hot Glue Guns in 2024

Just as the name says, hot flue guns have the purpose of delivering hot glue on the surface that the user chooses, without causing an unnecessary mess. The device consists of a gun that has the heating element that houses glue sticks, heats them in the process, and delivers it to the surface through an opening tip. The only two things that you need to do are inserting glue sticks into the gun and the other one is to pull the trigger which will activate the flowing from the gun to the surface.

There are essential tools when it comes to DIY crafts like wood, metal, fabric, ceramic, glass, etc. However, hot glue is still preferred and used by many people for the following reasons:

– Safety: There are preventing people from getting burned in the process of releasing glue on the surface.

– Stronger Bond: It has a stronger bond when compared to the cold type of glue.

– Less Messy: The gun trigger will allow you to have full control over releasing the glue directly to the chosen areas.

How to Choose a Proper Hot Glue Gun?

We can surely say that the US market is overcrowded by many hot glue guns. However, the hard thing is to choose the proper one. In the process of finding the proper hot glue gun, there are several issues that could emerge. The first thing you need to pay attention too is the kind of temperature that will have a big influence on the suitability for the needed task.

Furthermore, you need to check what kind of wattage your device has. This will determine how fast glue will melt. The most important tone is the choice of the gun in terms of materials that the gun is made. Now, we are going to provide you with a list of the best hot glue guns you can find on the US market in 2024.

1. Cobiz Glue Gun

source: 10upshop.com

The first on our list is Cobiz Dual Power glue gun. It has very consistent performance and variable temperature settings. This gun has enough versatility enough to cover harder jobs that require delicate applications where you need both low and high heat. It gives you the option to choose from 60W to 100W settings. Also, it has an LED light to inform its user that a glue gun is on or off, minimalizing the risk of burns in the process.

According to a variety of reviews, people who acquired this device love the balanced feeling of holding this gun in their hand. The main benefit of this device is its precision. Also, it receives credit for its fast heating time from one to three minutes. This is a great feature when you are in the middle of the project and you need to have a precise out a load of the glue but you don’t want to lose your place because of the warm-up time.

2. CC Mini Glue Gun

source: cc-craft.co

If you are in the middle of small projects that are created within a small budget, buying a small glue gun is probably the best choice. So, we are presenting you with a CC better small glue gun. Despite being small, this device is not short on the features. This machine’s biggest advantage is the on/off button. For example, if you are in the middle of the work, and you need to use your mini glue gun immediately. When you didn’t have to use it, you just need to turn it off.

3. Black+Decker Cordless Glue Gun System

source: pinterest.com

Now, we have a cordless on our list. This device is the product of the famous company black+decker. This is a perfect choice for people who want to have a certain flexibility and freedom that is provided by a cordless glue gun. If you are one of them, then this is the right device for you. This is one of the priciest models on this list, but you will get a gun that has a 125W heater. Furthermore, they are featuring lithium-ion battery which can hold up to 2 hours of run time.

4. Chandler Tool Mini Glue Gun

source: pinterest.com

This is a device ideal for light-duty crafting projects. Especially if you are not in the mood of bringing out the big guns. This is a sleek mini glue gun which is easy to use, it is compact, and increases a sincere professional quality. It doesn’t matter that it is smaller than most of the glue guns on the market, and it is cheaper than most of them. It comes with a stand-up base, and it can be used with a 5 to 16-inch glue stick. It is important to point out that this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. Surebonder Dual Temperature

source: surebonder.com

If you are looking for the capabilities and heating power of the big glue gun, but you have a somewhat limited budget, then this device is the right one for you. Like its name is saying, this is a device with an affordable price which offers two different temperature settings. The lowest possible power is 250-degree Fahrenheit and the highest possible power is 380-degree setting. It doesn’t have an on/off button, so you will have to unplug the device when needed. Based on the reviews you are about to read on the famous selling websites, you will see that most of the users are satisfied with this product.

6. Surebonder Pro2 Industrial

source: homedepot.com

Pro2 is one of those glue guns that will easily beat the competition. This is a fully-grown glue gun with 220W heater that will reach high enough temperatures for any kind of craft projects. This makes it exceptional for any industrial application. You can adjust the temperature between 220 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it features an on/off switch so you can pause your work whenever you are feeling like it. This is one of the best glue guns on the US market whose ultra-powered heater do melting up to 5 pounds of metal.