Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Rural Dating in 2024

When you live in a city, everything is accessible to you. From different types of food to parties, you can have whatever you want. The same goes for dating. With apps like Tinder and Bumble, you have an endless number of potential matches to choose from right outside your front door.

But what’s it like to date in rural areas? If you’re living in a rural community or thinking about moving to one and you’re single, you should know what it’s like in the single farmers dating world. Who knows, you may even like it more than dating in the city!

Word gets around fast

When you’re in a city, your reputation will probably not stretch beyond a friend of a friend. But in the countryside, your reputation spreads like wildfire. The community is small so every step you make, someone sees it. Whether you had a bad date or hooked up with someone, everyone will know by the following day. But, this also means everyone will know about your positive actions as well. Whether you help an old woman cross the street or have a first-date fail, expect everyone to find out about it.

Rural Dating

Dating venues are different

In the city, your date may be a nice dinner and a movie, but in the countryside, things are different. Of course, people living in the countryside will go for dinner on a date, but other date ideas will include four-wheeling, swimming, the local pub or a picnic by the lake. In other words, lose the dress shoes and get yourself a pair of hiking boots.

You can quickly learn about a potential match

There’s no need to creep anyone on Facebook or Instagram when you live in the countryside. All you need to do is ask someone. Everyone knows everyone’s business. If you ask the right person, they might even give you a dating background of the person you’re interested in.

Relationships are never really over

Of course, when you break up with someone, it’s over. But, when you live in rural communities, even though you think it’s over, it’s not. You’re going to see the person you dated everywhere. It’s unavoidable. Whether you’re at the grocery store, bank, or doctor’s office, you’re bound to run into them.

Rural Dating

Increased exposure

When you’re in rural communities, there aren’t as many people. Now, you may be thinking that’s a bad thing – fewer people, fewer choices. However, it also means you have less competition and more exposure. Plus, you also see the same people more often, meaning you’re more likely to have casual conversations and get to know them before even going on a date.

Everything moves slower

The city life is about moving quickly, but the countryside is different. There’s no need to rush. Instead, life moves at a slower pace. This also includes the dating world. Your date is going to take time to see who you are and find out more about you from other people in town. Remember when we said word travels fast? Well, here’s a perfect example.

People are more serious about dating

Now with dating apps, people are used to swiping and meeting a new person every other day. But when you’re in rural areas, people take dating a little more seriously. Since word spreads fast and there are fewer options, people take more time when making decisions regarding their love life.

When it comes to dating, the rules are different depending on where you live. If the city life isn’t working out, who knows, you may find what you’re looking for in rural dating world.