The Importance of Organic Hemp Farming For CBD Products – 2023 Guide

Everywhere you can read and hear about the remarkable results that people who have consumed CBD products have had. It has been proven to have a very good effect on human health, both physically and mentally. That is why CBD products have become mainstream and more and more people are using them. They are completely legal and do not have the stigma that marijuana carries with it. But few talk about how to grow hemp and what is best approach when growing.

There is talk of many organic products such as meat, milk and cereals, but there is insufficient information about organic hemp. There are also many misconceptions regarding organic products, so you are often confused as to whether it is something you should buy or just something that costs incomparably more, without much reason. For all these reasons, we will explain you in detail the importance of organic hemp farming for CBD products and everything else related to it.

Better production

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Better production is something that is important for those who grow hemp and make CBD products, as well as for consumers. The reason is primarily the price, because the faster something grows, the cheaper it will be. Now you are probably wondering how is it possible that an organic product will grow faster and be cheaper than one that isn’t? This is certainly not something you are used to, because organic products are always 2 to 3 times more expensive precisely because of lower production. But hemp is a specific plant, which is very resistant.

For it, the most important thing is that the soil is very healthy and clean and then it will give the best yield. Provide it with healthy soil where you will add many additives and you will be surprised how fast this plant grows. Of course, we are only talking about natural additives, which you can use and still have organic CBD products. Also, water a lot, because this plant needs a lot of water. Every most famous CBD organic brand in the world has a great yield in this way.

The much better aroma and flavor

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Aroma and flavor are very important for CBD products because many complain that it has a very unpleasant, earthy taste and smell. When grown in this way, meaning completely free of any chemicals, it has been observed to significantly improve taste and smell. The reason is probably that chemicals stimulate growth, but reduce what is natural in the plant. Overall quality is incomparably better when you have this approach to cultivation.

Taste is especially important for products like CBD gummy because they greatly improve the mood, so they are very popular. The satori way and most other manufacturers guarantee that they are 100% THC free, which is most important for legality.

No need for flushing

If you have never grown hemp, you probably don’t know the term flushing. It refers to when you need to stop “feeding” the plant with various additives and just keep watering it for some time. While this sounds simple, it can be problematic for a beginner to determine when is the right time to do so. And why is this being done at all? So when you add chemicals, they change the taste and smell of plants, as we said before. In order to try to avoid it as much as possible, then growers flush the plant before it should be harvested, in order to restore its natural taste and smell as much as possible. When you grow organically, then there is no need for that, because you don’t have nothing to “flush” from the plant. It is completely “pure” and ready for harvest seasons.

Huge impact on the environment

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Our living environment is something we must never forget. Since there are over 7 billion people on the planet, and that number is growing day by day, the need for food and everything else is huge. This leads to the use of a lot of chemicals in production, which greatly pollutes our planet. There is a noticeable increase in diseases closely related to all these chemicals. That is why organic farming is something that is the future and that everyone should move on to as soon as possible. In this way, the soil is not polluted at all, and also due to clearly defined cycles when planting, and when the soil is “resting”, there is no excessive exploitation of nutrients from the soil. Well, then it doesn’t come to the point that the soil is completely nutritionally empty. Hemp is also very good for the rotation process as it further improves the soil.

Easier process

In addition to not requiring flushing and many other things, it is also much easier to follow the whole process. For example, it is enough to add organic fertilizers and quality water and that’s it. When you add different chemicals, they improve something, but they also, for example, disturb the pH balance and the like, so then you have to take care of that.

How can you be sure it is organic?

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To make sure it is organic, whether you are a producer or a consumer, you must meet certain standards prescribed by the USDA which is the regulatory body for this issue. These are the things you need to follow in order to get a label or if you are consuming, then you should check it on NatureAndBloom.

– Planting

It all starts with planting. Here you have to choose seeds that are organic and that are not GMO. It is very important that it is not GMO because then there is no chance of getting a label. You must also have a certificate that the soil where you will plant is free of any chemicals for at least three years.

– Farming

You must not use any pesticides at any time during the process. Prevention as well as the destruction of pests must be done in other ways than by using pesticides.

– Rotation

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As already mentioned, it is not allowed to constantly grow hemp or any other plant. Crop rotation must be done to restore nutrient levels in the soil. One of the methods used is planting clover.

– Harvesting

You must prove that the entire harvesting process was done following all the instructions you received from the USDA.

– Processing

And finally, the processing must also meet all standards. This means that you must not contaminate the product with anything that is not organic, otherwise, all previous steps you have taken will not be valid.


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The CBD market is one of the fastest-growing and not all regulations are clear about CBD yet. So now is the right time to start growing hemp, and our advice is to be organic, for all the reasons we mentioned in the article.