Is Hiring Lawn Care Services Worth It?

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that soon everyone will be outside, enjoying their yards. Does your yard leave something to be desired? Can you not help but feel a little pang of jealousy as you look around at your neighbor’s houses with their lush, green lawns? You don’t have to be jealous! Getting a lawn like this is entirely doable, and requires minimal effort. Your first step toward getting it is to enlist the help of some lawn care experts.

What Are Lawn Care Services?

To understand lawn care services and how you can get the most out of them, you must be able to differentiate them from landscaping services. Landscapers focus on labor, handling all of your mowing and weed-eating needs, while lawn care experts use a bit more science to prioritize the health as well as the appearance of your lawn. Some services that they might offer could include:

1. Weeding


Dandelions might be a cute little sign of spring, but these little yellow flowers aren’t as sweet as they appear. They’re weeds and they could be harming your lawn. Weeds are dangerous to your lawn because they steal nutrients that are necessary for the successful growth of your grass, in some cases hindering the ability of the nearby grass to grow at all. Many homeowners’ response to seeing weeds is to use a weed whacker to get rid of them or to pull them out of the ground. Both of these are not great options. Not only do the roots that are left behind provide the opportunity for the weeds to regrow, but the pieces that are spread around (especially the pieces spit out by the weed whacker) have the potential to create new weeds, so you could end up inadvertently making your problem worse. You might think that the simple solution to avoiding this is to pick up some weed-killing spray from your local garden center, but these kinds of sprays have the potential to be harmful even to nearby plants and their roots–and are said not to be great in terms of human exposure either. Thankfully, if you decide to invest in lawn care services, the professionals can study your property and the plants and weeds present to determine what type of weed removal methods would be best to help you get the lawn that you want.

2. Seeding


Once weeds are no longer a concern, you can focus on rebuilding and bulking your lawn. Weeds can create damage to nearby roots and, as a result, can cause your grass to die and your lawn to thin. If this is something that you’re struggling with, then spreading grass seeds can help to solve your problems. Sure, it’s easy enough to pick up a bag of grass seed and take the task of spreading it into your own hands, but if you utilize professional lawn care services, your lawn will turn out much better. Lawn care experts have special equipment to ensure that the grass seed is spread evenly and efficiently throughout your lawn, guaranteeing that it will turn out much more lush and dense than before.

3. Fertilization


While it’s great to plant fresh seeds so that you have more grass, the quality will suffer if you don’t feed it properly. You must pick the right fertilizer to give you perfectly soft, green grass. You might think that you’re good to just spread a bag of one of the name-brand fertilizers over your lawn and call it a day, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. The health of your grass is very much dependent on the balance of nutrients in the soil. A lawn care expert will be able to identify what your soil lacks and will help you create a fertilization plan to help your lawn get the nutrients it needs to truly thrive.

4. Aeration


You might not have heard of the term aeration before in lawn care, but the practice is extremely beneficial to the health of your lawn. Aeration is the process of creating perforations in the ground so that it’s easier for air, water, and essential nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. This process strengthens the roots and helps to grow much healthier and hardier grass.


While you might shy away from hiring lawn care services at first, thinking you can save money by handling your lawn care on your own, you could end up making mistakes that would only end up harming your lawn. If you want it to look good, you should trust the professionals.